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Baekhyun's p.o.v -
I got back to the house and saw Chanyeol packing In the living room
" C - Channie?? "
He looked up to me and Jun and started running over to me then brung me into a hug
Chan: I - I thought he took you?
" His boyfriend let me & D.O go "
Chan: Well I need you to pack were leaving tonight
" Where? "
Chan: I was going to New York with Kai but now we're going to Oregon
" Why? "
Chan: So they won't be able to find us
" Ok I'll go do that now "
I said handing him Jun his face instantly brightened then going upstairs I got out a medium bag and put at least 20 onesie's and diapers in it then packed my bag and went back downstairs to hear Jun giggling
" I'm done "
Chan: Good let me text Suho the change of plans and then once we get are tickets we'll leave
" Ok sounds good "
I said taking Jun from him
Kai's p.o.v -
The door had opened revealing D.O
" Baby ~ "
D.O: Kai!!!
He ran over to me and jumped in my arms
" Are you okay? Did he hurt you? The baby? "
D.O: No no I'm fine , and the baby's fine
" Why'd they let you go? "
D.O: I don't know they just did
As he said that my phone started ringing I quickly grabbed it and answered
" Hello? "
Suho: Change of plans you and D.O are going to New York, while Chanyeol and Baekhyun are going to Oregon
" Ok "
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