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Suho's p.o.v -
I was sitting in Culture class next to Chen he looked a little down
" What's wrong? "
Chen: Xiu's mad at me
" Oh "
Lay came up too me with a very bubbly smile
Lay: Me and you are partners
" For? "
Lay: The project the teacher was just talking about were you not listening?
" No I wasn't "
Lay: We have to stay at each other's houses and host each other
My eyes widened at that because what if he saw Baekhyun who is supposed to be dead
" Ugh ok we'll go to yours first "
Lay: Ok come by tomorrow
He said as he handed me a piece of paper then walked away
Chen: Looks like someone got some digits?
" S - shut up "
I said as I blushed and opened the piece of paper
: My Address and phone number
xxxxxx lane high road 16
xxx - xxx - xxxx - Text me when you get there ~
Chen: Damn good luck
The bell rang as I was stuffing all my stuff in my bag
Kris's p.o.v -
I was looking at Tao while were working on an experiment in Chemistry
Tao: Kris Ge ~
" Hm? "
Tao: Pay attention or you'll spill something
He giggled after words I blushed lightly hearing it but then coughed and started paying attention to lab like he told me I still ended up spilling something messing up the whole experiment
" Damn it!! "
I heard another giggle come from Tao
" What's so funny!! "
I said letting my anger get the best of me
Tao: I - I'm s - sorry GeGe I didn't mean too
I calmed down a little once I saw tears fall down his cheek
" No I'm sorry i shouldn't have shouted at you like that, do you forgive me? "
Instead of him answering me with words he hugged me I blushed because we were still in class but then I looked around and saw we were alone I felt his heartbeat loud and clear ringing through my ears
Tao: Come on we have to go to Culture class
He said pulling me out the door to our next class
Luhan's p.o.v -
Me & Sehun were walking in the halls of the school not really wanting to go to class
" Where's that Red headed boy with the big ears who always follows you around? "
Se: Oh my Older brother Chanyeol?
" Yeah him "
Se: He had to take care of some errands, oh and some of my other brothers are here too
" Oh really maybe I'll meet them at lunch? "
Se: Yeah
We started walking to an abandoned music room
" You wanna hear me sing? "
*play media cause I ain't writing the lyrics too lazy*
He nodded I started singing a song i had worked on with Baekhyun as I finished the song a tear went down my cheek I felt him wipe it
Se: Don't cry
" Why not my friend that I wrote this with is gone not unless he's like you? "
Se: What if I told you he was?
" I would think your crazy, then ask for proof "
Se: Ok come to my house tomorrow
He said as he left I saw a note on the piano seat he was seating on
A/N: Tada!!! A little longer next Chapter will be ChanBaek & the reunion of Lu & Baek

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