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D.O's p.o.v. -
I moaned as Kai kept pounding into me
" F - fuck "
Kai: Damn your so tight
" I know "
Kai: I think I'm cumming soon
" Oh please Daddy cum in me?!?! "
I moaned in his ear
Kai: Ok baby if that's what you want I'll give it to you
He said as he grabbed my member and started jerking me off I moaned and whimpered for him to go faster until I heard him groan and felt hot sticky liquid squirt into me
" Oh fuck your cum is so hot "
I said as he pulled out he chuckled and kissed my forehead while I laid there in a daze thinking....
" Could I really get pregnant? "
Kai: I hope so I'd love you forever for giving me a family of my own
He said putting his shirt and sweats back on as I put his shirt and my underwear back on
" Maybe I should lift my legs up? "
Kai: Yeah do that then rest for a bit I'll go get some blood
" O - ok "
He then left I started lifting my legs I guess to help his sperm cells meet with mine I honestly still don't understand how male pregnancy works or is possible but if it makes Kai happy then I'm happy I guess only time will tell
Time Skip: One month
Tao's p.o.v -
I was doing some yoga in the backyard when I heard the neighbors arguing again so I used my vampire hearing to listen in on the conversation without being detected
Sam: Your a fucking coward!!
Erin: How?!?!
Sam: You fucking left me, you killed yourself and took the cowards way out while I suffered
He said in a thick British accent
Erin: S - Sam I.......
Sam: And then you expect me to come back to you just because I'm having your child? That's not how it works Erin
Erin: I didn't kill myself I was trying to get money for me and you so we could runaway together but the people I was working for had other plans so they fed me vampire blood and tortured me till I bleed to death
Sam: Why didn't you come back sooner?
I stopped listening and went inside to finish my yoga
Kris: We're the neighbors arguing again?
I nodded not really feeling like talking
Kris: Let me guess Gun & Kata were kicking you during you listening to them
" Y - yes I just want them out there driving me crazy "
Kris: I know peach but just think in a couple more months they'll be in our arms and it would have all been worth it?
" I know but there taking forever "
I said whining
Kris: Baby ~
I looked at him
" Yes "
Kris: You know I love you right?
" Y - yeah? "
Kris: Well I got you something to show my love to you
" Ooh ~ what is it? "
I said jumping up and down gently
He got on one knee and opened a box with a ring in it
Kris: Will You Huang Zitao Marry Me?
" Y - yes "
I said bursting into tears he picked me up and spent me around the room carefully
Baekhyun's p.o.v -
I was watching Jun crawl to a sleeping Chanyeol and watched him get on top of him and bounce up and down giggling once Chanyeol started waking up
" Did Junny wake you up? "
Chan: No I was just about to get up
He said clearing his throat I went to go pick up Jun while Chanyeol got up and went to the kitchen HunHan were out at the moment checking up on the twins
" Channie ~ "
Chan: Yes?
" Could you come here? "
Chan: Sure
He said walking back into to me
" How would you feel if I said Jun was going to be getting company in    9 months? "
Chan: W - what are you serious?
" Yes I got tested yesterday "
Chan: O - omg I can't believe it were having another baby
Jun giggled and looked at Chanyeol
Jun: D - Da Da ~
" Awww he called you Da Da "
Chan: I can't wait for another chance to hear those words
" Me too "
I said kissing his forehead
Chan: Even though I was supposed to wear a condom the last time we did it I'm glad I didn't
" Mhm hmm course you are "
I said taking Jun upstairs for his nap I walked into his room and put him down in his crib then was about to close the door when he called me
Jun: M - Ma Ma
He said whining
" What's wrong baby? "
I said entering his room fully
He started crying I picked him up and patted his back tell he calmed down then laid him back down and quickly left the room and went back down to Chanyeol who was knocked out again
" Honey ~ "
Chan: Hmm?
" Jun's asleep "
He got up and looked at me
Chan: are you showing yet?
" A little "
Chan: Can I see?
" Sure "
He immediately started lifting my shirt up before I could
Chan: Aw your belly looks so cute
He said as I blushed
" S - stop your making me blush "
He came closer to my ear and whispered
Chan: Good
I blushed even more and pushed him off
" Stop "
Chan: Fine fine ~
He said moving me on his lap and wrapping his arm around me then gave me a kiss on my forehead
A/N: There's 2 or 3 more chapters coming so stay tuned it's a triple update and if you guys have been waiting for my Call Me Baby story to be updated don't worry it will be soon

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