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~ Listen to the song above while reading ~

Baekhyun's p.o.v -
I was walking home through the woods since my gps told me to i heard a branch break behind me so I looked but saw nothing then turned back around and was met by a tall red head I almost screamed cause he shocked me
" Ugh w - where did you come from? "
Chan: That doesn't matter now baby
As soon as he said that he leaned down into the crook of my neck and bit me I screamed out in pain thinking someone would be able to hear me
Chan: No use baby were in the middle of the woods
I heard in my mind as my life was fading he stopped and bit his wrist then forcefully put it in my mouth I had no choice but to drink his blood
Chan: Sleep tight baby
He said before I took my last breath in his arms
Chanyeol's p.o.v -
Now I gotta make it look like a animal got him which shouldn't be hard since he bleeding so much I just bit him a little more but made it look like wolf scratches then left back to my house where I was ambushed by Kris and Kai
Kris: Where were you?
" Out "
Kai: You killed someone didn't you?
" I turned him before he actually died "
I got two hits in the back of my head
Kris: Was he a college student?
" I think "
Kai: Did you at least make it look like a animal got to him?
I nodded my head then the door opened
" Y - yes? "
Se: Who the fuck told you to kill an innocent boy then turn him and leave him!!!!
" I told my..... "
Se: Your a fucking imbecile
" Oh yeah well at least I don't go around stalking his friend "
Se: I - I don't do that!!!
" You don't? "
He got really mad and started attacking me I attacked him back making us fly all around the house tell we were captured in a water ball
Suho: What did I tell you two about fighting in the house?!?!
Both: Take it outside
Suho: But what do I catch you two doing?
Both: Fighting inside
He dropped us down and we fell with a thud
" Oww "
Se: Ugh
Kris: Dumbasses
He mumbled as he left to his room
Kai: Come on Sehun I still have to beat you in call of duty
Se: Aww still sour about last time?
Kai: Shut up
Sehun ran up to Kai and put his arm on his shoulder as they walked away Suho walked over to me
Suho: I know what you did in that forest
" I..... Ugh "
Suho: Save it when his funeral is over I want you to bring him here
" O - ok "
Then he walked off leaving me by myself I decided to see if the little boy was still their he was but someone held him in his arms
Xiu: Who did this to you?!?! W - why? W - why were you walking alone? Where was Luhan?
I started to feel bad then I heard him scream into the sky random things I didn't  understand so I left to go walk around the city
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