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A/N: Ok so this chapter is dedicated to Xiuyeolhyun who came up with ChanBaek's baby name thank you so much for the name it's very cute
Sehun's p.o.v -
I woke up to something poking my chest so reached over with my hands and touched something round smooth so I kept doing it until I heard a familiar voice
Lu: Sehun stop it tickles ~
I instantly shot up and looked at my adorable deer looking boyfriend who looked to be 6 months pregnant
" L - Lu Lu get up "
Lu: Hmm?
" Your belly got big like way big "
He shot up too which was a bad choice cause he instantly went back down
I heard running come from the hallway then the door busted open and everyone ran in
Baek: W - what's wrong?
He said catching his breath
" See for yourselves "
I said pointing to Luhan
All: OMG!!!!
Suho: When did this happen?
Lu: Um was it yesterday? Or a week ago?
" Both "
I said with my head down
Suho: Who told you, you were old enough to have sexual interactions? It's bad enough Chanyeol got Baekhyun pregnant and acted very douche
Making Chanyeol put his head down
Lu: But he wasn't and yeah so what Chanyeol had a rough start he got it together
Suho: I want you both out before the baby comes!!!
He said as he stomped out
Kris: I'll talk to him
He followed Suho's lead
Baek: Um me and Chanyeol have to go do some errands wanna come with?
" Sure why not Lu? "
Lu: Yeah I'm down we gotta go to an appointment anyways
Chan: Good we can help you look for a house also
Gi started crying in the next room
Xiu: You guys have fun ok?
Chen: Yeah enjoy the fresh air
" Will do tell Gi we love her for us "
Xiu: Got you
We walked out and left out the door to my car me & Chanyeol got in front while Luhan & Baekhyun got in back
" Where we going first? "
Chan: Just around the block
" Too? "
Chan: Our new house you guys our more then welcome to move in with us?
Lu: How many bedrooms?
Chan: 5
Baek: Why so many?
Chan: There guest bedrooms
" Lu? "
Lu: Anything to be with my bestie
He said hugging Baekhyun
Baek: Aww ~
I continued driving asking Chanyeol if I was going the right way every now and then tell we got to a nice house
D.O's p.o.v -
I was just about to get up when big arms wrapped around me I looked back and found Kai behind me but what shocked me the most was that he was shirtless I looked down at me and saw that I in my birthday suit I felt pain shoot up from my lower end
" Shit "
Kai: Sorry
" N - no your fine it was my decision to pounce on you like you were food "
Kai: But I hurt you
" Well I hurt you so now we're even "
Kai: Let's take a bath
I nodded as he dragged me to the bathroom
" After are bath are we going back to your place? "
Kai: Yeah and there's someone who's been dying to see you again
" Who? "
Kai: Can't tell it's a secret
" Ugh fine let's get this bath done my backs killing me "
He ran the water and put the bubbles in I got in after the water stopped and felt relief
Kai: Feel better?
I nodded
" Did you wear a condom last night? "
Kai: I'm pretty sure
" Let's go I wanna meet your brothers you always talk about "
Kai: There not all nice so just stay behind me tell I tell you to come out
" Ok "
I got out of the bath and ran to my room him following behind me
Suho's p.o.v -
When I walked into my room Lay standing up looking around
" You okay? "
Lay: I'm fine I just feel different
" How? "
Lay: I think I'm a Hybrid
" You are "
Lay: Can I stay like this?
" Ye....... "
Leo: No you can't
Lay: Why?
Leo: Because what happens when you get mad?
" He doesn't have a mad bone in his body "
N: How are you so sure?
" Because I've been around him long enough to know he has no intention on hurting anyone or anything & He didn't attack me like you said "
Leo: Fine he can stay like that but if he slaughters everyone in this house I won't say I told you so at your funeral
He stormed out as Kris walked in
Kris: We need to talk about Sehun & Luhan
" Fine Lay please go downstairs and wait for me "
Lay: Ok
He left and gently shut the door
Kris: The way you reacted was a little rash don't you think?
" No they shouldn't of had sex there too young to be parents just like Chanyeol & Baekhyun are "
Kris: You could have at least given them a month after the baby
" I'm not arguing with you Kris I have things to do "
Kris: You mean that hybrid boy?
" Yes I mean that H͟y͟b͟r͟i͟d͟ boy "
I left without another word and dragged Lay out the house with me

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