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Lay's p.o.v -
When we got to his room he pushed me gently on the bed then got on top of me and kissed me I kissed back then pulled away
" Is this how your going to make me forget? "
He just kissed me again and started taking off my pants along with my underwear and shirt I groped his member and felt him moan in my mouth I pulled away
Suho: I won't prep you since you've been a bad boy
" Ok Daddy "
He took his pants and underwear off but left his tank top on I licked my lips at the outline of his abs and hardened member he pulled me up and made me kneel on all fours
Suho: You ready?
I nodded my head then gasped once I felt him slam in
" Fuck!!! "
Suho: Tell me when to move?
" Now!!! "
He pulled all the way out then slammed back in making me arch my back and grab onto the bed frame he kept thrusting harder and harder everytime
" O - oh Fuck Daddy ~ "
Suho: Daddy's cuming soon
" Oh please Daddy cum in me?!?! "
Suho: Ok
He turned me around and took me on his lap so I was straddling him then grabbed onto my hips and made me go up and down until I heard him grunt and felt hot liquid spurt inside me he grabbed my member and jerked me off tell I came after I did I fell off him and went to sleep I felt him cuddle up to me before I closed my eyes
Time Skip: Almost before 8
Chanyeol's p.o.v -
I texted Chen and Sehun after the nurse did the check up an hour ago saying that Baekhyun was about to give birth I got texts back saying " Congrats " & " We'll be over later " I smiled then turned to look at Baekhyun who looked scared
" Baby? "
He looked up at me with wide eyes
Baek: I - I don't think I can do this?!?!
I took his hand and held it tightly
" Yes you can you know why? "
Baek: W - why?
" Because you have me right here supporting you "
Xiu: And me!!!!
Baek: Xiu!!!
Xiu: As soon as Chanyeol texted Chen and he told me I ran all the way down here from school 
" Why? "
Baek: He's the God Mom
" Oh....... "
Doctor Taemin came back in, in a full scrub outfit
Tae: Ready to push?
Baekhyun nodded
Tae: Alrighty then when the next contraction comes I want you to push ok?
Baek: O - ok
I moved closer to his ear and whispered
" You'll be fine, don't worry "
He held my hand really tight and scrunched up his face like he was pooping
Tae: Good stop
He then took a deep breath and did it again
Xiu: OMG!!! I see his little head
I looked down and Xiumin was right I could see auburn colored hair coming out of Baekhyun
" Almost there couple more pushes "
I said while running my hands through his hair
He did the same thing again this time he grunted a little
Baek: Ugh!!!!
Tae: Stop! One more push and he'll be out
Xiu patted Baek's head with a towel  while I just waited for the last push which came faster then expected I heard him crying as soon as he came out I was handed Scissors so I could cut his umbilical cord as soon as I did they carried him away so they could clean him off
Xiu: Congrats you two!!
" Thank you "
Baek: T - thanks
Xiu: I'll come back tomorrow with Chen I gotta go back to school
Baek: Ok see you tomorrow
" See you "
I said as he walked out the room
One of the nurses came over to us with our son all wrapped up with a cute little hat on she handed him to Baek
Kat: He's 8 pounds and 6 ounces
Baek: No wonder he was so heavy
I chuckled and kissed both there foreheads
Kat: What's his name?
Both: Park Jun Lee!
Kat: Ok I'll go put that on his birth certificate
She said before leaving the room
" Thank you Baekhyun "
Baek: For what?
" Giving me a family to call my own "
I said tearing up because I started thinking about my family who died in the fire I was supposed to
Baek: Aww baby ~  your welcome
" C - can I hold him? "
I said wiping my tears off my cheek
Baek: Of course
He handed him over to me I walked to the couch and sat down he moved a little and smiled
" He looks exactly like you! "
Baek: I think he looks like both of us
I chuckled but was interrupted by him crying
" Sorry Jun Papa didn't mean to laugh in your face "
I said rocking him gently
Baek: He might be hungry?
As soon as he said that the nurse cane back holding a bottle of formula
Kat: Here I bought it on my way back
" Thank you "
I grabbed the bottle from her and brought it up to his mouth he instantly started sucking on it (don't think dirty he's a baby)
Baek: I'm gonna head to bed
" Ok goodnight " 
I looked back down at the cute little bundle in my arms before getting up and putting him in the plastic crib
" Night Baby boy ~ "
I said before walking over to Baekhyun and kissing his forehead
A/N: Yay!!! Park Jun Lee is finally here Congrats ChanBaek

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