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Chanyeol's p.o.v -
We were waiting to be called while Baekhyun was holding Gi trying to keep her calm when a nurse with a clipboard came out and called Baekhyun's name
Nurse: Byun Baekhyun?
We both got up while I carried the car seat and walked over to her
Baek: Here
Nurse: Ok follow me
We followed her to a room where she pulled out this stick with the Doctors name on it I sat the car eat down in front of me while I sat down
Baek: Put her in the car seat please
I nodded and walked over the him and took her from his arms then strapped her in she moved a little before the doctor came in
Dr. Tae: Hello I'm Doctor. Taemin i hear you too have some concerns?
" Yeah you know since we're vampires and we don't really eat human foods..... "
Baek: Is it possible to throw up blood?
Doc. Tae: Well it's more common for female vampires to throw up blood meaning there expecting when was the last time you had sex?
" Last week "
Doc. Tae: Ok well I would like to get a sample of your pee and test it
Baek: Um ok
Doc. Tae: There's a bathroom right behind you that has cup in it
He nods and went into the bathroom
Doc. Tae: How olds the baby?
" 2 weeks "
Doc. Tae: Is this yours?
" Oh no were babysitting for a friend "
Doc. Tae: Oh ok
Baekhyun walked out with the cup it had a little green top on it and handed it to Doc. Tae
Doc.Tae: Ok I'll be back
We nodded he left out the room as soon as he did Gi started crying I picked her up and held her I front of me she opened her eyes and stop crying
" Hi "
She smiled a little then went to grab my face
" What? Is there something on face "
I said as she grabbed my nose and pulled on it I brought her closer and gave her a little kiss then she tried to eat my nose
Baek: I think someone's hungry
He giggled I then set her back down in her car seat and got out her bottle and fed her Taemin came back with a clipboard
" What are the results Doc.? "
Doc.Tae: Well Baekhyun congrats your 1 week pregnant
I froze realizing that was one of the reasons Gi wouldn't leave Baekhyun alone and lay on his stomach
Baek: R - really?
He nodded
" Ugh thank you so much "
I shook his hand before getting everything for Gi ready then left the room
Baek: Chanyeol!!! Wait!!!!
I stopped halfway down the hall an waited until he caught up
Baek: Why'd you leave like that?
" Let's talk about this at home ok? "
He nodded we walked out to my car and left back home
Baekhyun's p.o.v -
We got home and I put Gi in her crib before going to the living room to see Chanyeol pacing
" Why are you pacing? "
Chan: Because your pregnant I didn't even think it was possible for boys to get pregnant!
" Well believe it cause it's true "
Chan: You have to abort it!
" Why?!?! "
Chan: Because you and I both know were not cut out to be parents and I don't want or need a baby
" No "
Chan: What?
" I said No "
His eyes turned red and the next thing I know I'm being choked
Chan: Your gonna get rid of this baby or I will the hard way
" S - stop y - your hurting me..... "
Gi started crying and the front door opened I saw two or three people rush over to us two pulled Chanyeol off me and 1 held me in their arms
Suho: What the hell happened?!?!
Chan: He's pregnant and won't get rid of the baby!!!
I then heard a slap
Suho: You fucking prick if he doesn't wanna get rid of the baby then he doesn't have to and that also doesn't give you the right to choke the hell out of him
Xiu: You wanna come to our room?
He whispered to me I nodded not really feeling up to talking he helped me up and brought me to his room as I walked upstairs I saw Chanyeol's regretful stare follow me up until i disappeared i saw Chen rocking Gi up and down while she was crying she stopped once she saw me
Chen: How?
I patted my little bump that I hadn't noticed was there tell now
Xiu: Weird but cool
I nodded
" How is this going to work? "
Chen: There's a spare bed in one of the closets
Xiu: I'll get it
I sat down on the bed finally lost it and started crying
Chen: He didn't mean it he just let his anger get to him we all have anger issues and guess what?
" W - what?? "
Chen: Your friend Luhan is coming over tomorrow to see you since he knows your not dead
" R - really? "
He nodded and handed me Gi so he could help Xiu with the bed I looked down and saw her staring at me I can't believe he said we weren't cut out as parents I mean really? we were basically taking care of Gi the whole week she's been here I heard them set it down on the floor I also heard a knock so I got up and opened the door and saw the last person i wanted to see
" What? "
Chan: B - baby I'm sorry I was being stupid and wasn't thinking about what you wanted and let my anger take over me
" Ok I forgive but I'm not going in that room tell I'm ready too "
Chan: Ok I understand
He walked away after that I closed the door
Xiu: That was a good decision
" You think? "
He nodded I went over to the bed and layed down putting Gi on my tummy her favorite spot
Time Skip: A Day/ After school (club)
Luhan's p.o.v -
I was walking up to the house it looked humongous on the outside I wonder what the inside looked like I knocked on the door and waited the door opened revealing Xiumin with a little baby girl in his arms
" Xiu!!! "
Xiu: Hey Lu Lu!
" Who's this? "
Xiu: This is who I was talking about yesterday at lunch
" Oh this is Gi? "
He nodded
Xiu: Cute isn't she?
" Very "
Xiu: Baekhyun's in Chanyeol's room  witch is the first one on the right
A/N: No Baekhyun has not forgiven him he just got scared during the middle of the night
I thanked Xiu before going upstairs and knocking on the first door
Baek: Come in!
I opened it and was shocked to see Baekhyun standing in the middle of the room with a big hoodie on
" B - Baekhyun?? "
Baek: Yeah it's me
" How? You were in a coffin, you were buried 6 ft under "
Baek: Yes and I was dug up by this idiot
He said pointing to Chanyeol on the bed I hadn't noticed him there
Chan: Yup it was me I told you
" I didn't think you were serious I thought you were playing a sick joke or something "
Chan: Hm I get that a lot
I saw Baekhyun roll his eyes
Baek: Let me get dressed and we'll go out
" Ok "
I walked out and went straight to Sehun's room don't ask me how I knew what room i just did I didn't bother knocking which I should have because when I barged in he was finishing himself off and I had accidentally tripped as I did I lost my pants and underwear and somehow landed on his dick I don't know how or why but it felt kinda good I could tell by the groans Sehun was admitting he felt the same
A/N: Idk I was bored and this idea came to me so enjoy I guess
Se: F - fuck why didn't you knock?
He asked while moving me up and down causing me to moan
" I didn't think you were s - shit jerking off! "
Se: Well I didn't think you'd land on my dick
" Not my fault your rooms a mess! "
He flipped us over so he was dominating
Se: So you wanna get loud do you?
He pulled out then slammed back in making me grab onto his shoulders
" Fuck!!! "
A knock was heard after that
Baek: Lu Lu you ready ~
" Oh Fuck!!! "
Se: N - no he's not give him a few more minutes!!!
Baek: O - oh ok
I heard footsteps fade out Sehun gave me an open mouthed kiss which I gladly returned i felt something hot and sticky fill me up
" D - did you cum? "
I felt him nod and pull out
Se: That was amazing
" Yeah it was "
Se: D - did I?
" Yeah you did but I don't regret even if it was an accident "
" Coming!!!!! "
I quickly got my underwear and pants back on and have Sehun a peck on the lips before leaving
A/N: Honestly don't know what that was but hope you enjoy

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