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Wolf Power (EXO BoyxBoy) by DoNotAsk
Wolf Power (EXO BoyxBoy)by EXO_BTS
The EXO Planet is in danger, the six alphas need to find their mate. Will they succeed or not? Find out. [COMPLETED] Will be edited. :) 12/30/14 - 07/27/16
OT9 No More by kpopstories_trash
OT9 No Moreby K-PopMultifandom<3
After S.M. gets a new CEO, all idols are treated with respect and as humans. The new CEO reaches out to Kris, Luhan, and Tao offering them to return to EXO promising bet...
electric kiss ; exo groupchat  by myeonsfactorie
electric kiss ; exo groupchat by obsessed with jjong
"science has discovered that eating weed is more effective than smoking it so i did ate it" "what the fuck." -------- in which 9 boys meet through a...
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annoying ; sulay  by myeonsfactorie
annoying ; sulay by obsessed with jjong
sulay/layho ff ------ "you're so annoying" ------ in which where yixing was living his normal life, being a dancer and growing plants, help his dad fix the car...
Kissing Suho by rememberremember
Kissing Suhoby Alex
When Jongdae kissed Suho on stage, it broke Minseok's heart. Chen always thought of himself as straight, but now he wondered if he had feelings for Suho. Suho is determi...
EXO MATES by gukkktae
EXO MATESby bodota112
contains Boy x Boy ships The 6 wolf kingdoms that has a large university at the center of ExoPlanet And the 2 groups of unmated wolves How will faith bring them together...
The 12 Realms {EXO BoyxBoy} by seunggcheool
The 12 Realms {EXO BoyxBoy}by NaeGa HOsh
The so called bad boys of the school have fallen in love once again. But with boys? Boys people call the "nerds". Who knew what attracted them to each other. *...
My Best Friend's Brother | Baekyeol Chanbaek (BoyxBoy) by bornfabulous
My Best Friend's Brother | Baekyeo...by Sisi
Baekhyun meets his best friend's brother, Chanyeol. _ You don't have to be an EXO-L to read this story.
Baby Hyungs! (EXO OT12 FF) by 7thLife
Baby Hyungs! (EXO OT12 FF)by 7thLife
ON GOING | SLOW UPDATES One day you'll be a parent and have to take care of your own baby. But what if that one day is today? And of all people it has to be your emotion...
EXO Ship Facts by kyungsew
EXO Ship Factsby .
includes facts about the most popular EXO ships including ChanBaek XiuChen KaiSoo SuLay HunHan TaoRis Etc., there's also facts about each member of EXO
Circus by galaxy_vobo
Circusby Galaxy_vobo
Exoplanet is ruled by the queen and king. But it was time for them, to pass down the crown. To their six sons. The only problem is that the six princes need to find thei...
6 Kid's!?- ATEEZ Family  by atinykpop
6 Kid's!?- ATEEZ Family by VroomVroom_Engene
A man named Hongjoong and his Husband Seonghwa move into a large house but the feel like something is missing so they adopt some children to fill the emptyness in the ho...
Trust Is Like A Glass by MimBintaMustafiz
Trust Is Like A Glassby Mim Binta Mustafiz
As the police officer brings Baekhyun out of custody and make him sit on the chair for trial Infront prosecutor Park Chanyeol, Chanyeol signs towards the police officer...
AVATAR: The Legend of the New Avatar by ChnHyk_Sj
AVATAR: The Legend of the New Avat...by TosHiru
The New Era of Avatar BOOK I: Unbalanced After Avatar Korra died, the next avatar was never reborn in Earth Kingdom. The war started again across the world. Some people...
Hurting an Angel ((EXO BxB)) by Wonzihao
Hurting an Angel ((EXO BxB))by B U N N Y
Trigger Warnings: Gay, Violence, Profanity, Crossdressing. Top!ChanyeolBottom!Baekhyun Top!JonginBottom!Kyungsoo Top!SehunBottom!Luhan Top!KrisBottom!Tao Top!JongdaeBott...
|| STRAWBERRY || 【SEASON - II】《COM...by Ren Jo Jo
Abandoned pregnant. by mnopqrstq
Abandoned pregnant.by mnopqrstq
Chanbaek love what happens when your school crush,schoolbadboy,headboy gets you pregnant ,and you discover later without him knowing he got you pregnant. What will you d...
HMU? • instagram • Chanbaek/Baekyeol by fre_mo
HMU? • instagram • Chanbaek/Baekye...by fre_mo
Basic instagram story about an overly excited Baekhyun meeting a wild Chanyeol with an excessively developed daddy kink. Plus many other weird characters that do not re...
"THE LOVER"(더 러버)  by TynyByns
"THE LOVER"(더 러버) by Tyny :D
Six different couples living on the same building, find out how hard and funny the cohabitation can be. {Sulay}-{Xiuchen}-{Kaisoo}-{Hunhan}-{Baekyeol }-{Taoris} Exo shi...