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Time Skip: Midnight
Baekhyun's p.o.v -
I woke up in a coffin hungry, and very angry so I started banging on the coffin
Chan: I got you I got you sleeping beauty hold on
I know that voice he's the one who turned me
He chuckled
Chan: I was hoping you'd recognize my voice
He said as he ripped open my coffin door revealing the night sky I got up but immediately fell down
" Shit "
My legs fell asleep
Chan: You want me to carry you?
" Ugh yes "
He picked me up bridal style and started running somewhere I wasn't paying attention because I was falling asleep
Chanyeol's p.o.v -
I got back to the house the same time Sehun did
" Where were you? Stalking your lover boy? "
Se: Shut it! And who's that?
" My mate "
Se: The one you "turned"?
" Yes "
I ran upstairs and started undressing him I put one of my hoodies on and left his boxers on then layed him down on my bed I look him up and down one more time noticing his once brown hair turned red and that he has a neck tattoo now before leaving
Baek: Ch - Channie!!!
I stopped when I heard him mumble my nickname how'd he know my nickname?
Baek: Channie come here
I walked back over to him and layed beside him
" Y - yes? "
Baek: C - can I bite you I'm hungry and your blood smells good?
" Go ahead "
His eyes instantly opened  they were a darker red then mine but that's because he hasn't had blood yet his fangs are small too but that's also because of no blood in his system the reason why he wants my blood is because we're mates he bit into my neck gently and started drinking
Baek: Mhm so good ~
I chuckled at him he got on top of my lap for better access I couldn't help but moan because of the endorphins he was pumping into my veins
" Oh f - fuck "
I felt my member get hard he pulled away and blushed like an innocent girl
Baek: D - do you have a boner Channie?
That's what sent me over the edge I flipped him over and growled in his ear
" Yes baby and it's all your fault now your gonna help me you got it? "
He nodded his head I kissed his neck then went down to his collarbone
Baek: Ugh f - fuck
he moaned I took my hoodie off of him then his boxers then did the same to me I layed down and watched him drool over the size of my member
" Suck baby "
He immediately did what I told him and took my whole member in his mouth hallowing his checks out
" S - shit "
He bobbed his head a little faster making me buck my hip upwards by accident but he didn't mind it so I continued thrusting upward into his mouth tell I came
Baek: Are you gonna fuck me?
He said as he got on my lap how could I say no to him after he gave me the best blowjob of my life (lol)
" Do you wanna ride me? "
He nodded his head I reached over to my drawer and grabbed a bottle of strawberry scented lube that heats up when you apply it I quickly put It on my member and slowly pushed him down on it
Baek: O - OMG your so big!
" A - and your tight are you a virgin? "
Baek: Y - yeah well was
I started thrusting upwards making him fall on my chest I lifted his head up so I could see his face and kissed him he kissed me back we stayed like that tell we both came there was a knock on the door as me and him both got under the covers
" What?!?! "
Chen: What was all that noi..... Who's that? Nvm
Baek: H - hi
" Get out Chen don't you have someone to bother "
Chen: Your right bye!
I rolled my eyes and layed down I felt him snuggle into me
Baek: Are you my mate?
I nodded my head closing my eyes
Baek: Is that why you bit me?
" Kinda and I was also really hungry "
Baek: Oh
He yawned then I heard soft snoring I looked over and he was happily sleeping I decided to go to sleep myself
Sehun's p.o.v -
Time Skip: Dawn
Fucking disgusting I can't believe I heard what they did so to get my mind off them I thought about Luhan's sweet blood man it tasted good better then all the others I've had maybe because he's my mate? Idk I heard a knock on my door
" Come in "
Kris: Do you have school today?
" No not till Monday why? "
Kris: Oh well then your coming with us to hunt
" I can't "
Kai: Why not?
" I I have plans! "
I blurted out
Kai: With who little deer boy?
" He's not little and yes I do have plans with him "
Kris: Just cancel
" No and besides you guys don't need me you have the new guy Baekhyun to train "
Kris: Whatever were leaving we'll be back Friday
" Ok "
They left I sighed and went to the window opened it up and jumped out and started walking to Luhan's

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