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D.O's p.o.v - 
" Hi! "
I said as I waved at the camera I was using to record the video with 

oday I will be doing a what's in my hospital bag because the author said I should "
I said as I awkwardly looked off into the distance 
" Anyways before I get into this video I'd like to thank my boyfriend Kai for being there for me through this " 
I said as I looked behind the camera at Kai who was holding the camera he blew me a kiss and mouthed a "Your welcome"
" So to get started I'll tell what type of hospital bag I got, it's a Gucci bag thanks to Tao he bought for me at my baby shower "
I said then paused 
" Now what I have in here are some pretty basic essential items like: Baby clothes, clothes for me, diapers, wipes, lube for down there, mittens, socks, formula, bathroom essentials, and bottles that's basically it "
I said taking a deep breath 
" Now since I'm done with my hospital bag I guess I could give you guys a room tour "
I looked at Kai for confirmation and he nodded his head
Time Skip: After room tour 
I was totally exhausted I sat down next to Kai who was editing the video for me 
" Thank you "
I said as I gave him a kiss on the cheek 
Kai: Your welcome 
He said patting my tummy 
A/N: Next chapter will be normal this was just a filler

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