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Chen's p.o.v
I woke up and found that I was tied to the chair I had been sitting in before I passed out I looked around and saw the rest of them tied up too
" Shit "
I mumbled to myself I felt movement beside me
Kai: What the hell!!!!
Jin: Ahh two of are captors are up
" Why are we tied up? "
Jin: Well you see since you know are location we have to kill you
Kris: What? Why? We won't tell anyone
Jin: Oh but you will anyways who wants to go first?
" Me I'll go "
I looked at Kris and Kai mind linking them a plan
" When I scream I want you both to mind link Suho & Sehun got it? "
Kris: Got it
Kai: Roger
Jin came over to me with a sharp wooden object smirked then stabbed my thigh I screamed which woke up ChanBaek
Chan: What's going on?
" Help them mind link Suho & Sehun!!! "
He dug it down my leg splitting my bones I screamed even louder as the pain shot through my nerves
" F - fuck!!!! "
He did it again
Jin: Potty mouth
V: Need help?
Jin: Yeah get the one with big ears
He nodded
Baekhyun's p.o.v -
" No no no stop!! "
He didn't listen he kept getting closer and closer to Chanyeol his claws started crashing coming out he stabbed them into his heart and took it out
" NOOOOOOOO!!!! CHANYEOL!!!!!!!!!!!! "
I heard Chanyeol chuckle as a tear ran down my face
Chan: We don't need our hearts you dipshit
He dropped his heart and made it over to me and grabbed my chin
V: But I bet if i hit or stabbed him you would feel like your dying?
Chanyeol put his head down
V: That's what I thought
He walked away from me before coming back and stabbing me in the throat with his claws I felt them get longer
I felt tears pull out my eye as the pain doubled when he started moving them in and out (burger)
" S - stop p - please "
I said almost losing consciousness I felt something burn my eyes so I closed them then open them and a whole bunch of light shined through them burning the boys skin
V: Ahhhhhh!!!!!!
He pulled his claws out as I passed out again
Xiumin's p.o.v -
I was at Lay's place just hanging out along with Tao since he didn't have anything to do D.O hadn't come because he said he was "busy" probably screwing that boy toy of his I've seen with him lately
Tao: Let's watch a movie
" Yeah a scary one "
I teased knowing Tao or Lay didn't like those type of movies
Both: NOOO!!!
I chuckled at them and decided to put in Doctor Strange as were watching I felt like something bad was happening to someone important to me in someway at the moment I quickly got up and ran outside in nothing but shorts and a long sleeve shirt and drove off to who knows where it was a little cold considering it was winter so I turned on the heat as high as it would go while turning onto an abandoned road then heard my car make this coughing noise before it stopped then rolled down a hill and hit a tree making the air bag hit my face gently
" Shit.... "
The heat stopped working when the car did so I started getting a little cold
A/N: How many of you do think Xiu's gonna turn? Do you think Chen will make it in time? Oh and will Sehun & Suho hear them?

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