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Luhan's p.o.v -
I had been freaking out for awhile just thinking about what could happen while I was getting a C - section
Se: Lu Lu ~ just calm down
" I can't what if something goes wrong and they have to rush you out and you can't save me? "
Se: I'll give you my blood before hand
" What if it doesn't work? "
Se: It worked for the rest of your friends
" What if I'm special and I'm not supposed to turn and the blood doesn't work? "
Se: Luhan your overthinking I need you to stay calm
" O - ok "
I said taking a deep breath in and out
Se: Are you okay now?
" Yeah "
Se: Good now go rest we have a busy day tomorrow
" Ok "
I said walking up the stairs as carefully as I could since the twins were really heavy
Kris's p.o.v -
Tao was sitting on my lap reading a baby book on the first few months while I was just staring off into the distance like I tend to do at times
Tao: Kris?
" Hmm? "
Tao : What are you staring at?
" I don't know I'm just staring "
Tao: Well how bout you read this book with me?
" Ok "
I started looking at the book and he was at the breastfeeding section
" You don't have boobs "
Tao: I know that's why we got that formula
" Oh that really big box? "
Tao: Yeah it's supposed to last a year since we have two
" Ok well then let's skip the breastfeeding section "
He turned the page to the diaper changing section
Tao: We're both going to change their first diapers
" Agreed "
Tao: Can you make me some ramen noodles?
" Sure "
I said as I got up
Kai's p.o.v -
I noticed that D.O had been getting a little rounder in the tummy area so I thought I'd ask him
" Baby are you? "
D.O: Y - yeah
" Really? "
He nodded his head
D.O: I'm a month along
" I can't believe I'm gonna be a father "
Then I heard something break in the kitchen
" Stay here "
He nodded as I walked closer to the kitchen slowly as I did I heard D.O scream I ran back to him but all I saw was him being dragged out the window I ran to the window and tried to catch a glimpse of the person who had him he looked familiar then I remembered he was one of the wolves
" I I thought he was dead "
I said as I fell to my knee's and cried I looked up to the ceiling and started screaming like a mad man
A/N: Shit just got real

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