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The Vampires pt. 27
Suho's p.o.v -
Lay was on my lap sleeping with his hands in his belly I was happy we were having a little girl cause that meant I'd get to spoiler her and protect her when she's older
" Thank you baby "
Lay: For what?
He said sleepily
" For giving me a little girl "
Lay: Oh your welcome
I chuckled at how cute he was when he woke up
" Is she kicking? "
Lay: A little but other then that there's no other activity
" I guess that's good, does she keep you up? "
Lay: No, but I notice you talk to her at night
" Well when I have my arms around you sometimes I feel her kick so I talk to her "
Lay: That sounds so cute
I blushed
Lay: Let me video tape you and put you on Instagram
" What's that? "
Lay: An app where you can post videos and pictures and people like them or comment on them
" O - oh k "
Lay: Let's do it later
" Ok "
Xiumin's p.o.v -
Gi was sleeping on my lap while Chen was at work she was snoring really cutely I enjoyed watching her sleep she seemed so peaceful we moved out of Suho's when Tao & Kris did so right now I was on the couch watching tv
Chen: Why is it so quiet?
" She's sleeping "
Chen: Oh
" Yeah she fell asleep waiting for you to get back "
Chen: Sorry I had to work over time
" It's ok your working for her "
Chen: No I'm working for us
I didn't say anything I just sat there until Gi woke up
Gi: Daddy ~
Chen: Hey baby!
Gi: Did you have fun?
Chen: Yes did you?
She nodded her head
" Tell him what you did "
Gi: I made all the baby's cards
Chen: Oh that was nice of you
Gi: I know right
She got up and went to hug him
" What else did you make? "
Gi: Ooh ooh ~ I made something for  you Daddy too your gonna love it
She got up and ran to her room then held out a piece of paper to him he looked at it with wide eyes
Chen: Wait is this true?
" Yes it is "
Chen: OMG!!!!! 
He ran over to me and hugged my stomach
" Don't crush me!!!! "
Chen: Hey little buddy ~
He said ignoring me
" Your gonna crush the baby! "
He got off me and patted my belly
Chen: Sorry I was just excited
" It's ok "
I said patting his head he then laid his head on my belly and started kissing it until we both fell asleep then I felt another weight on my thigh I looked down and saw Gi close her eyes I dosed off again after I knew she was asleep
A/N: Ok so there's 1 more coming it might not be as fast cause I'm still working on it as I'm uploading this one

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