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Luhan's p.o.v -
Time Skip: Morning
I woke up warmer then usual so I got up but then fell back down
Se: Stop moving Lu Lu ~
I froze and looked at Sehun then remembered what happened last night
" Sehun get up "
I pushed him lightly big mistake he pushed me down and got on top of me
Se: I told you stop moving
His eyes started getting redder I whimpered then his expression changed to guilt
Se: Luhan I'm sorry I'm just not a morning person
" It's ok it was my fault for pushing you, hungry? "
I said revealing my neck in a teasing way
Se: Can I?
I looked up and blushed when I saw his fangs pop out I nodded he came closer then bit into my neck and I once again felt pleasure all through my veins I moaned and grabbed his hair pushing his head harder on my neck I heard the door open but didn't pay it any mind
Mrs. Xi: LUHAN!!!
He pulled away but covered neck by hugging me
" Y - yes mom? "
Mrs.Xi: Why the hell is this random boy kissing your neck?
" Um... He's ugh.... "
Se: I'm his boyfriend
I silently glared at him while my mom yelled even more
Kris's p.o.v -
Time Skip: 5 o'clock
We were running through the forest until we reached a clearing we stayed in the forest a little but we could still see the little village that stood we saw one of the boys come out of a house holding what looked like a baby
Kai: They don't look like there up too anything
He whispered to me then as I kept watching the rest of the boys showed up
Jim: I smell vampires V go check it out
The boy nodded then jumped up where we were and started sniffing
V: I know your in there just come out and no harm will be done
I decided the best option was to surrender are selves since we had Baekhyun and he didn't know how to use his powers yet so I walked out into the open the rest following
V: Oh it's you guys what are you doing here?
" We were told to stake you guys out "
V: By who?
" Our leader "
Jin: Suho?
I nodded I then heard a cry probably from the baby I saw earlier
Jim: It's ok baby Papa will be back soon
Kai: How bout we leave since theirs obviously no reason for us being here
Jin: No no stay were having dinner
He said with a grin on his face
" Are you sure? "
Jin: Yes I insist there was no harm done
I nodded my head and we followed them down the other boys started crowding around us
Kook: Suga are they dangerous?
A purple headed boy asks a black haired boy
Suga: No baby
He nodded Jin led us to a table
Jin: Sit please
We did as instructed
Baekhyun's p.o.v -
I felt something very off about this whole dinner thing I could tell by the way Jin smiled I listened in on Jin and this boy with brown hair talk
Nam: What are we going to do with them?
Jin: We'll just feed them and let them leave
Nam: Seriously?!?!
Jin: No dumbass
I stopped listening after that because they came over with the food
V: Enjoy
Then he left somewhere they all did as we started eating
" Hey guys don't you think it's weird that they didn't come eat? "
Chan: Yeah it is
Kai: There up too something
Kris: I wanna find out but after we eat
We nodded I finished a little bit earlier then the rest and felt drowsy so i leaned my head on Chanyeol's shoulder then passed out
A/N: What's gonna happen? Why did Baekhyun pass out? I don't know Jk jk course I know I'm writing anyways I'd to dedicate this chapter too............ Xiuyeolhyun, AleenaYEHET, & byuntae_jae and all my other followers for voting and commenting keep it up I love reading them

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