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Time Skip: A week
Tao's p.o.v -
I was walking down the wn the hallways not really paying attention when I bumped into someone dropping all my stuff
" S - sorry "
Kris: Don't be it was my fault
I looked up at this tall handsome stranger before responding
" You sure Gege? "
Kris: Y - yes
" Are you new? "
Kris: Ugh yeah I'm Kris
" Tao "
Kris: Tao..... I like it but how bout I call you Taozi?
" U - ugh sure Gege "
Kris: Well I hope to see you in some of my classes Taozi
" M - me too bye "
I said as I walked to Trigonometry
Lay's p.o.v -
I was in Chemistry class when 2 new boys walked in with Xiumin
Xiu: Sorry Mr. Choi I was showing our new students around campus
Mr. Choi: It's ok (coughs) um new students would you like to introduce yourselves?
Chen: Sure I'll go first my name is Kim Jongdae but you can call me Chen for short
Suho: My name is Kim Junmyeon but Suho for short and yes me and Chen are related
Mr. Choi: Ok Suho sit next to Lay raise your hand
I did as asked and felt a presence in the seat next to me
Suho: You must be Lay I'm Suho
He said extending his hand
" Nice to meet you "
I said shaking his hand his hand was a little cold
Suho: Sorry I'm anemic
" Oh it's ok I have hemophilia "
His eyes widened
Suho: Really?
" Yeah "
I stared at Xiumin as he was talking to Chen they seemed to be in deep conversation
Xiumin's p.o.v -
" You guys don't have to be here I'm perfectly capable of going to school without attacking someone "
Chen: Then what about last week?
" What? It's your blood not my fault it taste good and why are you complaining you got laid like 4 times!! "
Chen: Yeah but the baby ruined it
" And who's fault was that not mine because I was unconscious when you made the decision to keep it "
Mr. Choi: Okay class dismissed
We all left Chen following then he grabbed my arm
" Don't make me ice hammer your ass!!! "
Chen: I just wanna talk
" We can talk at home "
I walked away
Baekhyun's p.o.v -
It was just me, Chanyeol, Sehun, & the baby I was hopping on Chanyeol cause he wouldn't get up when I started feeling a little nauseous so I quickly got up and threw up in the toilet
Chan: Ha! That's what you get for trying to....
I turned around
" It's not funny I think there's something seriously wrong with me "
Chan: Ok fine let's go to the doctors?
" Ok "
I said walking out the door
Chan: Get back in here and put some god damn clothes on!
I quickly ran back in and straight into the closest to get some decent clothing

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