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Time Skip: The Day of Baekhyun's Funeral
D.O's p.o.v -
Me, Luhan, Lay, Xiumin, & Tao were standing up front near Baekhyun's casket all crying are eyes out when his parents came up too us
Mrs. Byun: Thank you boys for being here
Lu: We wouldn't have missed this for the world he was our best friend he still is
Mr. Byun: So when do you guys start school again?
" Next Monday "
I said picking up that he wanted to change the subject
Mrs. Byun: Well it was nice seeing you boys again be good in your study's ok?
All: Ok
Mr. Byun just waved as they left we stayed a little longer watching them bury him
Lu: D.O were leaving you coming?
" No I'll stay a little longer "
Lu: Ok be safe
I nodded and watched them leave then felt a familiar presence behind
" What do you want? Kai "
I said as turn't around
Kai: Aww Baby Soo that hurt
" I ain't your damn baby "
Kai: That's not what you said last night
" Because whenever you bite me the endorphins from it make me horny and you know it "
He chuckled
Kai: Can I get some more of that delicious blood of yours?
" I just watched my friend get buried and your asking me to be a blood bank for you again? "
Kai: Yeah I'm hungry
" Go find someone else willing to let you drink there blood you dick wad "
His eyes turned red before he pushed me against the tree behind him and started drinking my blood I screamed then moaned as I felt pleasure run through my veins I grabbed his hair and pushed him further
Kai: Easy easy Baby ~ not unless you wanna end up like your friend
" I - I don't care "
He stopped and bit his wrist and put it in my mouth to drink
Kai: Well I for one do
I started to calm down a little he removed his wrist then I heard running
Lu: D.O!!!
" Go!!! "
Kai: No
" Why not? "
Kai: Why do I have to go?
" Because you have blood on your mouth "
As Luhan got closer so did Kai to my lips until I unconsciously leaned upwards closing the gap between us
Lu: Oh your ok sorry to interrupt
I heard him walk away then pushed Kai off me
Kai: Wow ~
" I - I have to go "
I quickly ran away to my car and drove back home
Luhan's p.o.v -
As I was walking back to my car what happened a couple days ago crept back into my mind his red eyes staring up at me like I was a meal, his white pearly fangs glistening in the street light, his friends chuckling and cheering him on, the pressure on my neck from him choking me I thought I put it behind me I guess not I also thought it might have been a dream but it felt so real it couldn't have been my imagination I heard something break behind me but I didn't pay it any mind and just got in my car and drove home
Mrs. Xi: Lu Lu dear is that you?
" Yeah Mom it's me "
Mrs.Xi: Oh good how was the funeral?
" Good I'm gonna go to bed "
Mrs.Xi: Ok goodnight
" Night "
I walked upstairs to my room and decided I'd take a shower before bed as I was washing my hair I felt eyes so poked my head out of the curtain and saw two glowing red eyes
" H - hello? "
I said hoping it was nothing
Se: Why Hello Deer did you miss me?
He said as he stepped out of the darkness
" N - no "
Se: Aww why not?
" Cause your not real "
The water stopped and he got closer
Se: You sure?
" HE......... "
He covered my mouth before I could say anymore and started choking me again
Se: Your a screamer , you know what I do too screamers?
I started tearing up
Se: I kill them cause they get on my nerves but you , your special
He put me down and bit into my neck
" Ah....... "
I started feeling pleasure go through my body like a wave
" I - it feels good "
Se: It's the endorphins baby
He said in my mind
" It's making me horny I I want you to f - fuck me? "
Se: Sorry sweetie but it's a little to early for that
" W - well c - can i get to know you? "
Why did I say that I don't wanna get to know him he's trying to kill me
Se: Sure baby and that's not true I'm not killing you I'm just using your blood as food
He pulled away and bit his wrist then brought to my mouth
Se: Drink
I took his wrist and started drinking then he disappeared I started feeling dizzy then blacked out in my bed some how

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