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The Vampires pt. 38
Time Skip: 3 to 4 years 
Jun's p.o.v -
Me and my sister were playing around with Kata and Gun while our parents were away
Gun: When do think your parents will be back?
" I don't know hopefully sometime soon "
Gun: Why?
" Cause Jenny keeps crying for Mommy and it's getting on everyone's nerves "
Jen: I - I do not!
" Your crying right now "
Kata: Leave her alone it's not her fault she misses her Mom
Gun: Yeah Jun maybe you should be nicer?
I looked at Jen then at the other two before answering
" I guess your right sorry Jenny for teasing you, do you forgive me? "
She nodded her head before coming over and hugging me
Tao: Kids!!
All: Yes?
Tao: How about we go to the park and maybe get some ice cream?
All: Yay!!!!
We all said while running over to Uncle Tao and hugging him making him giggle
Kris: Where's my hug?
We turned around and tackled him in a hug too
Gun: Happy now Daddy?
Kris: Now i am
He said smiling at us
Tao: Go get ready and we'll leave
We all ran upstairs to the twins room
Gi's p.o.v -
I was sitting on the couch watching my brother crawl around and try to stand on his own
Ty: Sissy help?
He said as he sat down
" Ok fine I'll help you "
I said getting up and walking over to him
Ty: Yay!
He said as I helped him up and held his hand as he walked
" Look your doing it "
Ty: I am I am!
He said as I let his hand go he did it on his own before he stopped noticing my hand was gone
" Keep going I'll be right behind you ok? "
He nodded before continuing to walk
Ty: Look Sissy it's Mommy!
He said as Mom came through the door with groceries in her hand
Xiu: Hi baby's I see you were having fun
" Yup I helped Ty finally walk "
Xiu: I saw good job you two
He said as he came over to us and gave us both hugs after dropping the groceries on the counter
Ty: Where's Daddy?
Xiu: He should be home.....
Chen: I'm home!
Xiu: Now
He said turning to Daddy
Both: Daddy!!!
We said as we both ran to him a surprised look went over his face at Ty running towards him
Chen: Come here!
He said opening his arms so we could jump in his arms which we did knocking him over
" We missed you "
Ty: Yeah
Chen: I missed you too
We heard a cough and turined to Moms direction
" And you too Mommy "
Ty nodded his head
Xiu: mmm hmm
We all laughed as he huffed into the kitchen
Lily's p.o.v -
I was playing with Nina and J.So at the park when Jun, Jen, Gun, and Kata came running up to us and tackled us
Jun: Where's Uncle Suho, Lay, and D.O
" They went to go get food "
Nina: Food food food!
J.So: There coming Nina just wait
He said while trying to calm her down I motioned for him to hand her over to me which he did
Nina: Lily!
" Hi "
Nina: Can we go play on the swings?
" Sure, you guys stay here will be on the swings "
They all nodded as I left with Nina to the swings
Hwan's p.o.v -
Me and my sister were watching a movie with Mommy while Daddy was at work we both laid on his lap keeping him warm
Lu: Daddy should be home soon
Shaung: Really?
Lu: Yes
He said as I the door opened revealing Daddy
Both: Daddy!!!
We said getting up and greeting him by giving him hugs
Se: Hey guys did you miss me?
We nodded
Lu: I missed you too!
Mom said getting up and coming over to us and joining the hug
Kai's p.o.v -
I was sitting on the couch drinking a bottle of beer trying to figure out how I fucked up my relationship with Kyungsoo and the kids
Me and the kids were playing around waiting for Kyungsoo to get home
Nina: Daddy where's Mommy?
" He'll be here soon baby "
Nina: Ok
She said as she continued playing with her brother when the door opened
Both: Mommy!!!
D.O: Kids go upstairs
J.So: Why Mom?
D.O: GO!
He said making J.So grab Nina and take her upstairs
" What was that for? "
D.O: You didn't tell me Sehun killed Suga!!!
" He didn't one of the Vixx members did "
D.O: Well his husband was pregnant
" So what does that have to do with me? "
D.O: That baby could come back and get revenge on our children
" It won't!!! Now stop overreacting that damn boy and his baby are long gone "
D.O: How are you so sure?!?!
" Because me and the guys checked "
D.O: It's always you and the guys never you and our family
" That is so not true! "
D.O: It isn't? Because just last week I had to hire a damn babysitter to watch the kids so you could hang out with " The Guys ", did " The Guys " birth your children?
" No "
D.O: Do " The Guys " love you unconditionally?
" No "
D.O: Then why are they more important then me and our children?
" There not "
D.O: Sure seems like it, I mean maybe you're not even hanging with them and you're cheating on me?
He said as the kids came down with bags in there hands
" What's going on? "
D.O: We're leaving to give you some space to think about whether you want to be committed to your family or your friends and or cheating
He said as he left with the kids
" Wait!!! Comeback "
Flashback ends
Time Skip: 15 years later
Baekhyun's p.o.v -
Me, Chanyeol and the kids were going hunting for some food for our get together to look normal so the hunters wouldn't catch on to us again since there smarter this generation
Jen: Mom are you sure there aren't any traps?
" Yes I'm sure, Me and your Dad checked "
Jun: Are you sure you actually checked or were you two busy boning each other?
Chan: Park Jun!
Jun: What?!?!
" What me and your Dad do in private stays private got it you two? "
I said before stepping into a trap that stabs me in the heart instantly killing me forever
Chanyeol' s p.o.v -
" Baekhyun!!!! "
I said as my eyes turned red then back to normal
Jen: M - mom
" Jun take your sister home now!!! "
He nodded and picked her up and ran off as I went over to Baekhyun
" Oh my love today was our 18th year anniversary "
He couldn't say anything because he was dead
" Why you my shining light? Why not me? "
Hunt.: It can be you? If you want to see your husband again ?
" Fuck you hunter "
I said as my eyes started glowing red again and I went over to the hunter and ripped his head off then I ran away carrying my love in my arms
Time Skip: The funeral
Luhan's p.o.v -
I never thought I'd be mourning my best friend twice, I didn't blame Chanyeol when he came to us crying over Baekhyun's body, I only blamed those stupid hunters because there was no reason for them to be here we haven't killed anyone
" This is bullshit we need to get rid of those hunters "
I said as I was standing in front of everyone
Se: How if everywhere we step there's a trap
D.O: I don't know how but it's going to get done
Kai: He's right these kids lost their mother
He said motioning to Jun and Jen
Chan: And I lost my husband
He said as he held them in his arms
Jun: I want my revenge
Jen: I want my mom back
Xiu: Lets talk about this later for now lets mourn our friend and your mother
We all nodded and continued walking to the funeral home where most of the funeral would commence
Chen's p.o.v -
As I was holding Xiu's hand, and Gi was holding Xiu's other hand, while rubbing her stomach Ty held my other hand
Ty: I know I never really spent time with him like Gi did, but it still hurts
" I know son, why don't you go with J.So? "
He nodded and walked off to find J.So
Xiu: When we get home we need to make up a plan to end all this so this doesn't happen to one of the kids
He said looking at Gi's swollen belly
" I agree "
I said as we sat down in the church and waited for the rest to come in so we could start
A/N: Vampires have their own sort of society so that's why their able to hold these kind of things when they happen
Priest: We are gathered here today to mourn the lost of Park Baekhyun, he was a good man had a wonderful life filled with love and family, they are all gathered here today in honor of him, would any of you like to come up and say a few words?
Chanyeol stood up and walked up to the podium
Chan: (clears his throat) Hello I'm Chanyeol Baekhyun's husband, I would like to say that when I first met Baekhyun It wasn't a good impression on him because I was very rude and didn't put his feelings first when I had turned him, but as we got to know each other I started falling in love, caring more, I would do anything he asked me to, and when he gave me a family I could call my own I was content, b - but losing him after all we've been through together hurts not only me but my children no no our children, our friends, their children I just don't know what to do with myself now
He said as he got off the podium and one by one we all went up there and said what we felt then went outside so Baekhyun could be buried we all went to Suho's after the funeral so we could discuss the plans on how to get rid of the hunters while the  kids went to their shared house we bought them a month ago as a birthday present
A/N: And that is the end of The Vampires the sequel will be out soon and I know previously in this story I said they couldn't die/ they are immortal I meant if there heart isn't hit sorry I didn't explain it before but there is a way he can come back you'll see in the sequel, I'm sorry it took me so long I had writers block

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