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First and absolutely foremost, I have to thank my parents for everything they've ever done for me. You have opened so many doors, broken all the falls, and put me on a pedestal I never deserved but appreciate every day of my life. You are the reason I believed anything I dreamt of could and would become a reality. This book is tangible proof of my dreams having been realized. I could never thank you enough, but I'll continue to try.

A giant debt of gratitude to Meghan Hannigan, the greatest co-conspirator of all time. Thank you for every edit, for every idea, every name, every Rina-tweet, and for every 4 AM IM conversation about the kind of pajamas they sell at Harvey Nichols. Thank you for being such a dedicated fan and such a fabulous brain to pick. I may never have gotten past Isabel on a paper tablecloth if it weren't for you.

A heartfelt thanks to Jane Cavolina, the first person in publishing to give me a chance. Thanks to your patience, guidance and wise editing pen, I can craft a story into a book. I look forward to the many more to come.

Much love to Danielle Thienel for being the most enthusiastic progress reader that ever lived. Thanks for helping me see the vision come to life and never doubting me for a second.

I'm grateful, also, to Gaby Roman, Alison Wood, Elizabeth Middlebrooks, and Jane McKee who were all a part of the whirlwind of consulting, creating, writing, and editing this thing.

Thanks to all the others who helped along the way: Steve and Iris Dart for getting us wired in to the book world; Trish Jones and Michael Newman for all the support from Chafie; Grant Harling for cover art (and patience), and Sara Schork for bringing the cover together beautifully; Erica Erwin for the million little things; John Maddox, Nathan Maggard, and Elle Woodward at Market Me Tennessee for creating the coolest web platform ever; and to Nicole Pope Gaia and Alexis Tedford for connecting the world to my vision.

Thanks as well to Anna and Austin for getting married in Tupelo.

A special thank you to every teacher who taught me to write, create, or trust myself at Parish Episcopal and Hockaday in Dallas. I got it from y'all.

This book would not have happened without the intense energy and creativity I received listening to fantastic music. Super-special thanks to Coldplay, whose song brought me the idea for this series, and to Sara Bareilles, Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, Muse, Augustana, Franz Ferdinand, and The Killers.

And, finally, to the women who paved the way for me, teaching me to love storytelling and trust my imagination: J. K. Rowling, Curtis Sittenfeld, Janet Fitch, Stephenie Meyer, Sandra Cisneros, Gillian Flynn, and Isabel Allende.

AND A SPECIAL THANKS TO MY WATTPADDERS! I LOVE each and every one of you. Your support has made The Survivors everything I wanted it to be, and I can't thank you enough. Here's to the next ones!

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