Lone Fox by AlleyWolf
Lone Foxby Alley Wolf
My name is Ivy. I am a fox. This is my story of my life after my parents kicked me out. Keep in mind that this story might not be the most scientifically accurate. There...
  • wild
  • lonely
  • red
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Dreams of Scale and Bone by EchoeOtto
Dreams of Scale and Boneby Echoe Otto
⥽ FEATURED: Editor's Choice ⥼ "Drika should have been used to that stillness, that waxy pale skin, but this child wasn't like the cadavers she dissected in class. T...
  • suspense
  • paranormal
  • afterworld
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Dark Prince by TroyGonzales20
Dark Princeby Arvin Troy Gonzales
The story starts with an angel that disobeyed God's order, then planned to kill God and replace him and take all over the other realms, worlds and universe, But there ar...
  • creatures
  • werewolf
  • magic
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Urban Legends/Cryptids/Creepypasta One Shots.  by YautjaLover922
Urban Legends/Cryptids/ Siren
Who else loves Urban Legends? How about cryptids? Or maybe creepypasta?
  • horror
  • creatures
  • humor
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Blackbeard's Quest by ohstink_
Blackbeard's Questby Bethany
Pirates, fairies, Blackbeard, oh my! A fantasy for sure. Jeremy finds Blackbeard's treasure and drags his captain along on a quest. Along the way, they meet fairies, gob...
  • love
  • pirates
  • waterfairy
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B I R D  B O X {A  R O L E P L A Y} by May_I_Have_Loops
B I R D B O X {A R O L E P L A Y}by Yeet that skeet
"Listen to me, we're going on a trip now, it's going to be rough. If you hear something in the woods, you tell me. If you hear something in the water, you tell me...
  • roleplay
  • rp
  • horror
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Let's get into spirituality and more by Blazer142000
Let's get into spirituality and Blazer142000
This book is the second book in my spirituality series, this book covers the basics of spirituality from the knowledge i got from creatures and from what i seen and lear...
  • spiritualist
  • mythology
  • chi
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Dawn to Dusk by xxPerseideclipsexx
Dawn to Duskby Sarah brown
Amber is a 17 year old human girl who finds herself moving into a new house going to a new school. She meets a boy named Kima who is a Lycan and falls in love with him a...
  • demon
  • vampire
  • action
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Byron a Human Pet Story by DulEmeiona
Byron a Human Pet Storyby Dul Emeiona
Byron, a bright boy, with a big future, until he falls down a strange hole, here he's surrounded by demonic creatures, creatures who don't seem to know what he is, and o...
  • strange
  • taming
  • timid
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The Hollow Ball by simranm17
The Hollow Ballby Simran Multani
There are no winners. There is no survival. Once a person steps through the doors of the Hollow Ball, they never come back.
  • magic
  • soulmates
  • paranormal
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Queen Athena by BellewithaJ
Queen Athenaby Belle
"A child Alpha and Luna, a child was left by our border" A guard came, busting through the door. A look of fear evident in his eyes, as his pants of breath was...
  • royalty
  • gift
  • werewolf
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Adoptables by Tiny031
Adoptablesby Galactic-Tears
These adopts are drawn by me unless said otherwise
  • adopts
  • creatures
  • digital
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The Missing Lips Inside Velvet River by Ms_Horrendous
The Missing Lips Inside Velvet Jakayla Toney
Mariel is the new student at Conclaire Middle School. She's smart, talented, and drop-dead gorgeous. Teagen and her copycat crew can't stand having their spotlight take...
  • bullying
  • blood
  • mystery
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The Dark Lord's Pet |Tomarry|  by LilaKimTheBest
The Dark Lord's Pet |Tomarry| by LilaKimTheBest
Harry was taken by a vampire on the Dursley steps. The vampire realized that Harry is a Neko under a glamor. Neko were rare and submissive creatures that were taken adva...
  • mpreg
  • bestiality
  • link
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Elderland by Mike_I_am
Elderlandby Mike
Manhattan, 1929. The City is on its knees following a devastating crash in the stock market. Thanks to the Prohibition, criminals are making a killing off illegal bars w...
  • greatdepression
  • christmas
  • prohibition
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The Legend of the Firewalker, Book #1 by SteveBevil
The Legend of the Firewalker, Steve Bevil
Teenagers with supernatural powers. A college town deep in folklore, murder and mystery. A vengeful secret order. And fallen angels with dark and powerful forces that...
  • coming-of-age
  • wattys2015
  • young-adult
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I'm only human  by emomarionette
I'm only human by Puppet
"I can't do this!" "You must it's the only way!" "I'm only human I can't do it!" -------------------- Evan Fong and his two 'brother' , C...
  • creatures
  • power
  • magic
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Separate Worlds by Sunny_The_Artist
Separate Worldsby Sunny 💛
[Warning! Story does contain swearing, and mention of physical and verbal abuse.] Elise Thompson, Rebecca Hinton, Asher O'Riley, Austin Greene, Jake Miller, and Skylar F...
  • originalstory
  • mythical
  • mythicalcreatures
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Imagine a world we're we have evolved to highest point but in the most eco friendly way and there are no celebrities, no actors but there is music. Imagination comes bef...
  • fun
  • humour
  • bị
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the white demon by BLANKhasnosoul
the white demonby BLANK
he is quiet but calm, as the least successful and as his father says least interesting he is given the role of claiming the souls of his comrades and brothers, it shard...
  • family
  • angels
  • romance
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