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The Survivors by AmandaHavard
The Survivorsby Amanda Havard
"It's unlike any paranormal book I've read--very smart, very fresh, and very addictive, and very still in my mind." –And Anything Bookish In 1692, when witch t...
Smart Girl by cleverwren
Smart Girlby wren is on hiatus
thoughts from the smart girl. //the journal of wren// //highest rank #2 in non fiction// //all names of real people interacted with here are altered from their ori...
confetti tour by balsamicavacados
confetti tourby t. chris :)
little mix's confetti tour diary first show; 9/4/22 last show; 14/5/22 [only fan pictures]
Dear Sirius || R.A.B by briterwlock
Dear Sirius || R.A.Bby •^w^•
#1 in memoirs (27.3.20) We are all very familiar with the tale of the two Black brothers. One was a Slytherin, the other was a Gryffindor. But both were Blacks and are...
The HIDDEN Fury <Httyd Fanfic For Fanfic Friday 'Different World'> by BlueAcousticGuitars
The HIDDEN Fury by Blue
What if Hiccup and Toothless were taken with Valka? What does that mean for the village? When Hiccup never meets his father, and assumes he never has one. He's taught...
MEMOIRS by Black_Wolf_3
She is trying to not care about the problems she went through anymore and work hard towards her dream, but things are trying to change after she joined the school...Is i...
Real stories from the World - LGBTQ+ by Avylinn
Real stories from the World - Avylinn Winter
This collection of stories is an attempt to share stories of how it is to live as a member of the LGBTQ+ community in different parts of the world. The first stories wil...
MEMOIRS by itsmehrian
"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it became a memory" -Dr. Seuss Some feelings are meant to be hidden, but what will you do if it burd...
Words Of Darkness by -JupitersRain-
Words Of Darknessby Insensitive lil shit
Just some sayings and quotes I like.... along with some stuff of my own. (: hope you enjoy, I have never put anything on here. haha
memoirs || beomryu by Center_Queen
memoirs || beomryuby Center_Queen
[ completed ] in which, when you suddenly get old memories of your past life. and it leads you to your destiny. "do you believe in what they said earlier?" - c...
Six-Word Memoirs by geeky_cellist17
Six-Word Memoirsby Rachel Wagner
It doesn't require paragraphs, pages, and chapters to tell a message or story. I wrote all of these. I'll add more as I think of them.
The Inventor & The Snake  by Panderp123
The Inventor & The Snake by Panderp123
How did a great inventor like Sir Pentious die? A short story/fanfic about how the gentry self made inventor spent the last years of his life. There was forbidden love...
 6 Word Memoirs by SupernaturallySammy
6 Word Memoirsby Cece
Memoirs in a Matter of six.
6 word memoirs by craftyjay
6 word memoirsby Jane
a whole story in 6 short words
His Toxic Love(The Day She Said Goodbye) by MFOcmer
His Toxic Love(The Day She Said JanuaryFaye
Mariyah love Alexandro so much. No doubt about that. Kaya nga nang malaman niyang gusto nitong i-two time sila ng ex-besfriend niyang si Ellie ay pumayag parin siya kahi...
A Memoir: My Grandpa by MiniMoxx
A Memoir: My Grandpaby Alex ☕️
FEATURED by @nonfiction For my nonfiction assignment in 2014, I was asked to write a creative nonfiction piece. I chose to write a memoir. My Grandpa was diagnosed with...
Chronicles Of Bondservant Vol.3 ✨ "Floetic Insights of A Womanizer Journey" by darealCeoZay
Chronicles Of Bondservant Vol.3 ✨ Xavier Adams
The RKelly In The Closet Series of Poetry Memoirs With #VisualRealisticMedia Only I'm Very Transparent And vulnerable in a way I've never been with a woman. New to the A...
The Wet Nurse's anecdote by tata_tainment
The Wet Nurse's anecdoteby Tatenda C. Diura
Georgina Hamburg finds her self pregnant under a harsh, misfortunate situation. To add salt to injury she is sold to a rich family as a wet nurse forcing her to have to...
Not [yet] a Mommy: Memoirs of my Miscarriage. by Dayahna12
Not [yet] a Mommy: Memoirs of my Dayahna Segura
An autobiographical account of my life and dealing with loss as a result of miscarriage. Very real and raw. Enjoy! Dedication: For all the mommies! The ones who's babies...
Memoirs of My Self Questioning Thoughts by Esther0la
Memoirs of My Self Questioning Esther
"Every day is a journey. What is important is that you choose a good navigator. I chose God." **** I was thrown into the world without any tools, without know...