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The Bride of Dracula  by -DataBase-
The Bride of Dracula by -Database-
Vampires always peaked your interest. But you never thought you would encounter one. The year is 1865. After running away from your abusive family, you find yourself at...
Salvata de cultul manelistilor by the_past_writer
Salvata de cultul manelistilorby the_past_writer
Viata Anemonei, o fata de 17 ani este pusa la incercare, insa manelistii hazosi si seducatori o ajuta in drumul sau spre dezvoltarea personala si conectarea cu universul.
Countryhumans x Reader (Oneshots!!) by nebula_ascending
Countryhumans x Reader (Oneshots!!)by nebula_ascending
You guessed it. Another Countryhumans x Reader book floating around the sea of Wattpad. Enjoy! Requests are closed. Also, cover and chapter art created by yours truly...
Sebastian Stan Imagines #wattys2017 by retiredwhore
Sebastian Stan Imagines #wattys2017by Vanilla Ice
Various Sebastian Stan Character Imagines Characters included are: • 1940's James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes -Marvel Cinematic Universe • Post-Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes...
Resident Evil VIII : Village (Ethan Winters X Alcina Dimitrescu) by Leomantic
Resident Evil VIII : Village ( Leomantic
Just as he and his wife Mia start getting their life back together, Ethan Winters life takes another turn for the worse when Mia is murdered and his daughter kidnapped...
Art Book (?) by TonssKe
Art Book (?)by On Hiatus
I draw miserable countries when I'm in a good mood. Enjoy!
Tamed by imaginosphere
Tamedby Verzifier
Warlock's Institute for Controlling and Keeping Dragons(WICKED), Romania is the world's most prestigious institute which moulds out the best Dragon keepers in the world...
Resident Evil VIII: Life in Castle Dimitrescu by Leomantic
Resident Evil VIII: Life in Leomantic
After saving his daughter, Ethan Winters has returned to the village in eastern europe to live with the woman who has unexpectedly stole his heart: Alcina Dimitrescu, Co...
Playing With Fire (Charlie Weasley X Reader) by TheLemonSheriff
Playing With Fire (Charlie 🍋Jen🍋
Charlie X Reader, 'Playing With Fire' Book 1 Seventh-year Y/N Y/L/N is what the professors would call a prime example of wasted potential, with an impressively bad 26% a...
Eden (Complete) by EdwardMullen
Eden (Complete)by Edward Mullen
Nick and Amy have a great life - they live together, play together, and have just planned their European trip for the summer. On the first leg of their trip, they set of...
Scrapped Metal {Karl Heisenberg X Reader} by zombieangel1
Scrapped Metal {Karl Heisenberg zombieangel 1
(This book takes place in a alternate universe where Ethan Winters and his wife never had Rose). After a lifetime running away from those that wish to abuse them, F/N L...
Hallowed (B. Barnes) by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Hallowed (B. Barnes)by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Whilst hiding and recovering in Bucharest, Bucky Barnes crosses paths with Sydney Winchester. Both of them are running from something. Hiding and haunted. Maybe together...
Blue Light  by Forelle1234
Blue Light by Forelle1234
The sequel to the book Aftermath. In a world where countries have magic abilities. Countries can roam in the sky with wings, explore the deep sea with fish tails or see...
Four Weddings and a Dragon - Charlie Weasley by diamonddaydream
Four Weddings and a Dragon - diamonddaydream
When Charlie Weasley takes Hermione Granger to visit the recovering Gringott's dragon, something sparks. After disaster strikes her long engagement, she finds herself in...
HAWKS by CathyaMp
❝Vrei răspunsuri, dar oare pui întrebările corecte?❞ Se spune că bucuriile aduc oamenii împreună, dar nu și pentru Aurora, care după moartea surorii ei, se întoarce în...
Academy of the Countries  by ThundereleHusky211
Academy of the Countries by ThundereleHusky
I HAVE TOO MANY STORY IDEAS!!! I flit from one to another. whhhyyy Cover art belongs to me
Obsession | ✔ by Tabitha_Blackwell
Obsession | ✔by Tabitha D.
He watched her wordlessly. She was beautiful in his eyes. She wasn't like the others he had previously killed for joy, for satisfaction. She was without a doubt made for...
The Soul of a Dragon by ataddei19
The Soul of a Dragonby ataddei19
Genevieve Lily was born a year before Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley. She was put in an orphanage in Romania 3 days before her parents were killed by a...
Imagine Dragons ⟶Charlie Weasley by kmbell92
Imagine Dragons ⟶Charlie Weasleyby Back Aug.7th
The daughter of two famous Quidditch players, Anora Forney, has grown up travelling the world. And while her parents are known for their skills on the pitch, Anora garne...
Unspoken Love by SarahN93
Unspoken Loveby Sarah
You could tell there was something off about the two of them. Rivals and enemies, always getting on each other's nerves...But there was something between the pair that w...