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Memories ↠ Meet My OC's by Iydiamartin
Memories ↠ Meet My OC'sby o(liv)ia
M E M O R I E S ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Welcome to your new life. ⠀⠀⠀⠀meet my oc's | random ⠀⠀⠀⠀olivia martin © 2016 -- 2018 ⠀⠀⠀⠀( cover by me / @iydiamartin )
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Wild and Free by cheshireforever1
Wild and Freeby cheshireforever
Auden is an outsider. She was in her old pack. And she still is in the small town of White Chapel where she has taken refuge. After unfortunate circumstances forced her...
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Frozen In Time || Captain America's Daughter ✔️ by Malielena
Frozen In Time || Captain America' Maggie
COMPLETED! (June 2019) book one of captain america's daughter like all lives. it starts somewhere, you might be normal and have parents, you might have none, you could...
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Time to Shine~ (MCD X reader) by MariaPupluv
Time to Shine~ (MCD X reader)by Mercy~Chan
(Y/n) has a number of unique traits that make her remarkable, for example she can time travel~ she is both a werewolf and a meif'wa, and she has a power called time trac...
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The Boy Movie Brahms Heelshire x reader FanFic by MarinaM56
The Boy Movie Brahms Heelshire x Marina
Brahms is a loose cannon - strong, dangerous, unpredictable, and he's coming for you. It's time to use your wits, gather all your strength to survive his onslaught...
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Eyes Like The Ocean | A Culled Crown Novella by BriannaJoyCrump
Eyes Like The Ocean | A Culled Brianna Joy Crump
A Culled Crown Novella. Ten girls. Nine bodies. One crown. If given the chance to be queen, would you take it? Viera Kevlar is goddess-touched, one of ten female heirs...
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A Thief's Kiss || Izuku Midoriya (COMPLETED) by chubbyrulestheworld
A Thief's Kiss || Izuku Midoriya ( «95»
Ryoko Takahara. Ryoko was, supposedly, a villain. Or so she thought. Deception, romance, suspense, mystery, comedy, all rolled into one story. A Thief's Kiss. «Many...
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Heart of Steel [Pokémon Fanfiction] by ImberLapis
Heart of Steel [Pokémon Fanfiction]by Indecisive
Steven Stone: Champion of the Hoenn region, Mega Evolution user, and avid stone collector. Although no one knows his past, or how he even came to be Champion, behind eve...
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Ground Zero-Katsuki x reader by fic_wifeeyy
Ground Zero-Katsuki x readerby Ur_queennn
Bakugou,Katsuki, an ash blonde asshole with a short temper goes to his dream school, UA. There he meets many people. One especially that engrossed all his time and atten...
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Edward Cullen's Little Sister by Fanfics1Own
Edward Cullen's Little Sisterby Fanfics1Own
Before - Edward Cullen had a little sister named Eliana. He was changed and she moved away. No one knew she was still alive. Follow Eliana from the time Edward 'died' al...
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Teenage Troubles (Prequel for Teenage Baby) by Anyone187
Teenage Troubles (Prequel for macy
{PREQUEL. I strongly recommend reading Teenage Baby first as this may contain in some sort of way spoilers.} The tragic, troubled backstories of Aaron, Leo, and the capt...
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M.R BILLIONAIRE by reaganseemungal
Kathryn O'hera owns a small study cafe with her older brother and her best friend. At twenty-two years of age she couldn't have asked for a better life. That is until sh...
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// ocs, infodumps, and drabbles (ヾ; ̄▽ ̄)ヾ by dainyx
// ocs, infodumps, and drabbles (ヾ dainyx
+ basically this is where i'll pile down information about my ocs and what they're up to and little tidbits of their lives and some short stories with them etc etc anywa...
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I'll make you pay (Touya Todoroki-Dabi Villain Origin) by InSaNe_ScYtHeMeIsTeR
I'll make you pay (Touya InSaNe_ScYtHeMeIsTeR
DABi IS FABi This is a shitty thing I made because I was bored, don't hold it against me :/
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Rewind : book 2  by BrendonUrieStalker
Rewind : book 2 by Dirt bag ™
It's been exactly 1 year since Harley lost her memory. But slowly, she's regaining it. Piece by piece, step by step. Although her family doesn't know it yet, she's begin...
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Eyes Full of Hope by GlitchedDeku
Eyes Full of Hopeby GlitchedDeku
You see Izuku Midoriya was never quirkless. His parents were to impatient to see that. His best friend was to stuck-up to see it. The person to see that was him and he g...
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~Be free with me~ (Max x Male!Reader) ~On hold~ by DuskShine00
~Be free with me~ (Max x Male! Kenny
(Y/N) is a shy anxious boy who arrives at camp campbell. There is only one problem, his boyfriend Nerf... Nerf and him have been together for a few years now. Even thoug...
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Tail Tales: A Femme Predacon by PhoenixPrime
Tail Tales: A Femme Predaconby PhoenixPrime
Tail Tales Book 1 Phoenix is a young femme going through multiple hardships. Can she ever catch a break? Find out. BOOK 1 OF 3.
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Starlight Glimmer's Backstory √ by LunaLibelle
Starlight Glimmer's Backstory √by Lisa Schmidt
You know Starlight Glimmer. She is the leader of a little town where everyone has strangely odd cutie marks... she wants everyone to be equal... But do you know her back...
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Forlot: Ava - Book Twenty-One by Forlot_Forever
Forlot: Ava - Book Twenty-Oneby Small Town of Forlot
It may be a small town. But it has its many secrets. ----------------------------- We said our goodbyes, and I shut the door and looked at Sarah. "So what do you wa...
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