How to Write Fanfiction by Fanfic
How to Write Fanfictionby Fanfiction
How to Write Fanfiction is a writing resource that contains tips and tricks on crafting fanfiction stories - by the community, for the community. This guide will serve a...
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A Thief's Kiss || Izuku Midoriya (COMPLETED) by chubbyrulestheworld
A Thief's Kiss || Izuku Midoriya ( «95»
Ryoko Takahara. Ryoko was, supposedly, a villain. Or so she thought. Deception, romance, suspense, mystery, comedy, all rolled into one story. A Thief's Kiss. «Many...
  • myheroacademia
  • bnha
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Make Up Your Mind! (On Hold) by llMesianll
Make Up Your Mind! (On Hold)by Mesi Authoress
Backstory and Secret life of Lucas Milton Most POVs will be Lucas After the backstory is over will switch from Lucas to Vanity from time to time ⚫TO UNDERSTAND THIS STOR...
  • violence
  • lovers
  • maturelanguage
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Bad Boy Asher | ✓ by -eclipseiss
Bad Boy Asher | ✓by s m
"he was dangerous but I couldn't stay away, even when someone else's life was in danger."
  • goodgirl
  • teen
  • backstory
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Ursula's Beginning by RachelShubert
Ursula's Beginningby RachelShubert
[On the 2018 Wattys Shortlist and a Hidden Gems pick!] Prepare to see "The Little Mermaid" in a very different light. If you grew up loving the Disney classic...
  • love
  • ursula
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OC book! by StaticArtistXx
OC book!by Yazzy the Hedgehog-Cat-Bat
These are my children, (some are actually-) So ye XD enjoy!
  • human
  • furries
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The Truth About Felicity Smoak  by Damonlover81
The Truth About Felicity Smoak by Damonlover81
This is a love story of sorts about Felicity Smoak and Tommy Merlyn, then like all good stories drama steps in, taking over and well you'll just have to read it for your...
  • friendfiction
  • story
  • dramatic
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Memories ↠ Meet My OC's by Iydiamartin
Memories ↠ Meet My OC'sby o(liv)ia
M E M O R I E S ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Welcome to your new life. ⠀⠀⠀⠀meet my oc's | random ⠀⠀⠀⠀olivia martin © 2016 -- 2018 ⠀⠀⠀⠀( cover by me / @iydiamartin )
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The Co-CEO by Regina_Phalange10
The Co-CEOby A_Stream_of_Reason
Book #2 of "The CEO" series Zafirah Rodriguez had her life all planned out for her. She was the perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect student and w...
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Ground Zero-Katsuki x reader by fic_wifeeyy
Ground Zero-Katsuki x readerby Ur_queennn
Bakugou,Katsuki, an ash blonde asshole with a high temper goes to his dream school, UA. There he meets many people. One especially that engrossed all his time and attent...
  • bnha
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Written In the Stars | s.b | by andreaxjulia
Written In the Stars | s.b |by Andrea Julia
Ariah Lupin, a hopeless romantic mess of an eleven year old, has this crazy idea that the love of her life is a man named Sirius based on a story her mother told her gro...
  • siriusblack
  • jamesxoc
  • jamespotter
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The lady with the seashell necklace  by Abbiwriter
The lady with the seashell Im still abba
I'm a Hawaiian orphaned teenager that's friends with my shy yet adventurous friend Isabel.yes I'm the teenager that helped the ninja save the city and had the biggest ad...
  • tragedy
  • backstory
  • jay
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Ķıwı's Days  by Pastel_KiwiYT
Ķıwı's Days by Pastel_KiwiYT
Ķıwı didn't really have a good start to her childhood at 5 years Lui came into her life. Their father, Andrew was always an alcoholic before Katie, their mother, died bu...
  • backstory
Angel With A Shotgun [ac anime] by ubomii
Angel With A Shotgun [ac anime]by kae
Nagisa is an angel born by an abusive mom. Caira is a girl born into a normal family. After her mom dies her dad becomes a drunk and starts abusing her. Warning: inappr...
  • xreader
  • animexreader
  • underage
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The Survivors by AmandaHavard
The Survivorsby Amanda Havard
"It's unlike any paranormal book I've read--very smart, very fresh, and very addictive, and very still in my mind." –And Anything Bookish In 1692, when witch t...
  • romanian
  • trials
  • shape
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The Opposite Side of Paradise (Pokémon Opposite AU) by LainieMei
The Opposite Side of Paradise ( Dolly Mei
Please read the entire description here. And keep in mind, this story is built on the XYZ season. And warning, this story contains sensitive subject matter, such as depr...
  • kagetomo
  • depersonalization
  • opposites
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Exciting encounter [Guzma x Reader] by jackmack123
Exciting encounter [Guzma x Reader]by jackmack123
(Y/n) didn't always have a peaceful life, but now that she does, she's bored of it! On her way back home she helps out a little girl and ends up getting kidnapped by Tea...
  • comedy
  • romance
  • fanfiction
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Drift x Brite's adventures  by Rainbowslix
Drift x Brite's adventures by Rainbowslix
First book don't judge but leave sugestions
  • backstory
  • fortnite
  • brite-bomber
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That One Girl with Black Hair (Pauline's Backstory) by Depressed_Dandere
That One Girl with Black Hair ( PaulineTheDandere
Some people asked for this, well, actually only three, but, shut up! I got bored. Still reading? Okay. This will include spoilers from the UnderFell Genocide Run. You al...
  • backstory
  • underfell
  • dark
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The Backstories 💛☁️ by xsashamcd69XDx
The Backstories 💛☁️by X_Chxrlxtte
I wanted to add this to the character descriptions but i can't be asked to keep editing it over and over again 💤 So I've added this If the characters in the actual stor...
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