The Survivors: Point of Origin (book 2)

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The winter is upon us. The Survivors are in chaos. The war is coming.

One year ago, Sadie Matthau was living among humans, existing as one of them. But now she wakes each morning in a house in the Survivors City, listening to the invocations and insults of her family members as they cope with their new future. A war. Rogue abandoners turned monsters. Sadie and the icy Winters living in their midst, bringing the outside world in.

The Survivors: Point of Origin is Sadie s quest to save her family. But can she find what she is looking for when she can barely stomach the Winters wintry demeanor and finds herself distracted by Cole Hardwick s warm heart? Will she be able to uncover her family s history even as the elders grip tightens around her throat? In an action packed ride full of magic and misery, terror and triumph, Sadie Matthau seeks the Survivors beginning just in time to face her end.

"Amanda Havard spins a rich story that's rootted in history but teeming with all our favorite myths and legends. The Survivors: Point of Origin is a wild ride, beautifully written and wonderfully told." -Brittany Geragotelist, author of Life's a Witch

"Filled with colorful characters, romance, and a fascinatingly rich mythology, Point of Origin is one heck of a read! I couldn't put it down and nom I'm lefting wanting, no needing, the third book! If you haven't started this series, do so immediately! Once you start, you won't want to stop!" -DJ DeSmyter, author of Hunted 

"Point of Origin is astounding. That's the best way to describe it: astounding." -Kallie Ross, Bookshelf Banter


"It's unlike any paranormal book I've ever read — very smart, very fresh, and very addictive, and very still on my mind." -And Anything Bookish

"The Survivors had me absolutely falling in love. A stunning debut that will be sure to captivate readers." -The Book Cellar

Winner of Independent Publisher's Editor's Choice Award

Shortlisted for the Eric Hoffer Award Grand Prize, 1st runner up for YA titles

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