Saviour Syndrome by JasperCWatts
Saviour Syndromeby _JCW_B4NDR01D_
WWE is taken Under siege by 8 of the best in the industry...
  • wwe
  • solomon
  • black
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Darkness and Innocence  by thesweetinnocent
Darkness and Innocence by that.preppy.princess
The year was 1692. It was the year that Salem's witch hunt would begin.
  • witches
  • fanfiction
  • fiction
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Angel (Rewritten) by TheOfficialZweiZwei
Angel (Rewritten)by Zwei is the best
So this rewritten book of my first ever one will have a better character development and plot and everything. My last one was rushed a lot so this one won't be that rush...
  • blakebelladonna
  • rwby
  • salem
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SALEM KASABASI by hilalexe78
Salem Kasabası bir oyun. Orada durmuş seni izliyor, Seninle konuşuyor, 15 kişiyle oynanıyor,15 rolle... İyiler de var kötüler de, Ama kazanmak için her türlü öldürmek ge...
  • iyirol
  • oyun
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Love Can Kill (RWBY / Akame Ga Kill X Male Reader) by DragonStar11
Love Can Kill (RWBY / Akame Ga DragonStar11
Incursio has been passed down from mentor to disciple numerous times. Now, you wield it's power in an unknown land. Will it be able to help you triumph, or will you fail...
  • weiss
  • rwby
  • neo
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Dragon Priest of Remnant by huggablepanda341
Dragon Priest of Remnantby Shy Guy
The usual of a being from another universe being sent to the world of RWBY.
  • yang
  • raven
  • cinder
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A HIGHLAND              ( interactive ) by stgermainos
A HIGHLAND ( bruxa
  • vampires
  • hybrids
  • witches
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I'm Only Human (A RWBY Fanfiction) by SpadesWatermelon
I'm Only Human (A RWBY Fanfiction)by SpadesWatermelon
Read through the eyes of a boy with a troubled past. Harper finds himself in a new world after a fateful accident, with an objective to prevent a certain event from happ...
  • sad
  • guns
  • blakebelladona
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Rwby x male reader volume 4 teaser. by 9rdaley3
Rwby x male reader volume 4 9rdaley3
Here is the teaser for RWBY x male reader volume 4. I hope you guys all enjoy this.
  • rwbyxmalereader
  • blakebelladonna
  • rwbyvolume4
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cheater blake x evil bullied silver eyed wizard male reader by YanniFlake
cheater blake x evil bullied Yanni M. Flake
I give people the same pain all of you gave me,just so they will know why i became evil,Why i was given a second chance,And my reward is her love.She is my new reason to...
  • cinderfall
  • blakebelladonna
  • cheater
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SALEM by LifeElsewhere
SALEMby LifeElsewhere
This is my interpretation of the Salem Witch Trials. Because the events occurred so long ago, details are scarce, as is the truth. I decided to fill in some of the blank...
  • tituba
  • abagail
  • trials
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Town of Salem Lores Remastered by awesomeandiknowit15
Town of Salem Lores Remasteredby Milk_Author
The title says it all.
  • town
  • game
  • deception
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He's psychotic, hilarious, and murderous. He's the Grimm with the mouth, Grimpool. After being diagnosed with a fatal disease, a strange doctor approaches him offering...
  • salem
  • deadpool
  • yangxiaolong
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Everwood by Queen_of_the_Nile
Everwoodby Queen Kut
Embrosia Everwood, a 1000 year old hybrid that hasn't aged a day past 20, has ran into trouble. Trouble thats ends up with her in a interrogation room. A detective wal...
  • angel
  • murder
  • hate
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The Mystery Of Salem by Queenofbooks1101
The Mystery Of Salemby Queenofbooks1101
Jason Bloodstone was the beginning and end of my life. His beauty and mysterious aura drew me to him like a moth to a flame. With him came supernatural beings I never kn...
  • salem
  • werewolf
  • romance
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Hood (A RWBY Fanfic) by Simulation49
Hood (A RWBY Fanfic)by Simulation49
Huntsman and Huntresses are not the only protecters of the world. There are people out there who fight in the shadows, fighting those that others couldn't, they had tech...
  • yang
  • weiss
  • ruby
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RWBY: Cursed Bird by Zairrif
RWBY: Cursed Birdby Zairrif
(A different version of RWBY: Abyss Eyes where (F/N) has a slightly different backstory.) (F/N) born cursed like many before him, but unlike the others he wasn't killed...
  • readerxcharacter
  • yang
  • ruby
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Abusivemothersyang&blakexevilabusedwizardmalechildreaderxmotherSalem by YanniFlake
Abusivemothersyang& Yanni M. Flake
You gave birth to me,just so you can harm me every day.I never did anything to any of you.
  • blakebelladonna
  • rwby
  • abusive
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It's The End Of The World ...Again by PaperTOPencils
It's The End Of The World ...Againby Jacey
Once upon a time there were Seven Deadly Sins. Once upon a time a warrior sat on the window sill watching raindrops fall away. Once upon a time a dead boy ran for his li...
  • theend
  • itstheendoftheworld
  • salem
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