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Even though you were dating Niall, you couldn't help but notice Zayn. Every time he passed by you on your way to art class, every time you watched him draw in the court yard, every time you saw walking to the dorms while you were in the car with Niall, every time you-

"Veronica? Have you been listening to me?" You snapped out of your thoughts and focused your attention to Niall, though your eyes wandered past Niall to look at Zayn for a second.

"Um no, sorry. Guess I just got lost in thought, what were you talking about?" You asked trying to give Niall all of your attention. He rolled his eyes and took a sip from his soda.

"What I said was did you want to go Louis' party this weekend to celebrate yesterday's win?" Niall asked and you frowned. Niall and Louis were co-captains for your college soccer team and every time the team won, Louis would host a huge party at his parents house.

"I don't know, I-"

"Have to study. I know, but one time can't hurt, right Louis?" He said, patting Louis' back.

"Yeah, it's going to be a big party, naturally everyone is invited. The whole soccer team is going to be there and my parents are on vacation so it's just me. I have drinks and a DJ all set up," Louis made it sound fun, but you knew how college parties ended and you wanted no part of that, however you had been in college for 7 months and you had yet to do anything 'fun' according to your roommate Sabrina.

"I guess a couple hours wouldn't hurt," You muttered. Niall and Louis high-fived and you spent the rest of the time wondering if it was such a good idea to go.


The day of the party was spent trying to get ready. Sabrina and her friend Jenny made you do your hair in curls, like a princess, and your makeup, which was applied very lightly due to your 'natural beauty.' The only bad things were the clothes they chose for you. The dress barely fit, as it was a size too small, but Sabrina said it would make Niall go crazy so you didn't complain and the heels were 3 inches too tall for you and you had difficulty walking around, but they said you would get used to it so you kept them on.

When the car arrived to pick you guys up, you grabbed your phone and purse and headed out of the sorority house. Louis was driving so Sabrina got in the passengers seat. In the back seat was Niall, Liam, the goalie for the soccer team and who was also Jenny's boyfriend, Jenny, and you.

The house was lit up like a Christmas tree and music was blaring out of it. You stepped out of the car and Niall tugged you to his waist as you both walked into the house. Inside there were college kids standing around, talking, dancing, drinking and just partying.

"This is what fun looks like," Niall said in your ear. He led you through the crowd and towards the kitchen. He grabbed a soda and a beer and handed you the soda.

"I don't want you to get drunk," he said when you gave him a quizzical look. You nodded and opened the bottle, taking a quick sip.

"Come on, we're dancing," he took your hand and dragged you the crowd where he began moving to the music. You followed his example and began dancing. After a half an hour of dancing and talking you ran out of soda and you went to get another one. When you got back to the kitchen you realized the soda was gone and you frowned.

"Looking for one of these?" A voice asked behind you. You jumped and turned around to see a bottle of Sprite in your face. You moved to see Harry, the team Mascot.

"Um yes, was that the last one?" You asked sadly. Harry nodded and handed it to you.

"Here, I'll feel bad if I take this from you," he said and you took the drink.

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