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He cheats

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Louis- "oh she isn't going to be here till tomorrow" your boyfriend of a two months said behind the hotel door and you heard a female giggle. You got out the key card and opened the door to find him with another girl.

"Louis what why how could you" you say as he looks at you with pure shock.

"Oh umm Y/N well this is awkward." He said and you stormed out of there holding back your tears. You suddenly bump into somebody.

"Y/N are you alright love" Liam asked.

"N-N-No tell that asshole jerk I hate him" you scream and start crying into Liam's chest.

"Shhhhh here go to Niall Harry and I are going to beat the shit out if Louis" Liam said he moved you to Niall. He brought you to his room and he sat you on the couch.

"Princess don't cry he will realize he was an idiot" he said but you couldn't help it.

"Louis you are such an asshole what the the fuck is wrong with you you better go apologize before I beat your ass to a pulp" you heard Liam and Harry scream.

Louis then came running into the room.

"Y/N please forgive me I love you I was stupid and thinking about myself." He said taking your hands. You looked at him and started crying again.

"No no please shhhhhhhhhhhh it will be okay I promise to be a better boyfriend please I can't lose you" he said and he hugged you which you immediately gave him one back.

"I forgive you just don't let it happen again." You said and he kissed you. All the boys groaned and you laughed.

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