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Your Pov

Today you were playing Soccer against your teams rivals more importantly Louis Tomlinson. You hated him and he hated you. You forgot why you two had started hating each other but it just became instinct whenever you two saw each other you instantly fought. That is why you were sitting on the bench glaring at him because your coach knew that you or him would try to make a scene.


"Half time" The referee called. I quickly jumped up to beg my coach to let me play the next two quarters but before I knew what was happening I was being pulled backwards.

"Aw look boys little Caroline got stuck on the bench how cute, what did you do pull someone's pants again." One of Louis friends,Tyler, cooed, his buddies laughed, that's when I realized Louis wasn't there.

"No my coach is saving the best for last so I can beat all of your butts." I snapped back. Tyler whipped his head towards me and stepped closer.

"that was very stupid of you to say you know that right?" Tyler said. I gulped. He put his hands on my shoulder and shoved me backwards so I was lying on my back. Tyler leaned down so he was on his knee. He brought down a fist but I rolled out of the way. The referee blew the whistle calling one minute till 3rd quarter. I quickly got up and ran to my teams huddle.

"There you are Caroline, your in for third quarter, they took Tomlinson out." She said and I pouted. I really wantd to beat him. I took to the feild and noticed Tyler standing in the goalie's square talking to the goalie smirking. I rolled my eyes and got ready. The referee blew his whistle and I kicked the ball, tossing from foot to foot. I had almost reached the goal when I suddenly went flying down.

"Ha maybe you'll learn to take a hit" Tyler said.I quickly got up spitting the grass out of my mouth. I followed him trying to reach the ball. When I did I hit it out of bounds, towards where the other teams benches were. They all dodged it. Louis picked it up and as about to throw it back when Tyler yanked it out of his hands and lifted the ball above his head. Tyler threw the ball at high powered speed, towards me. I tried to move out of the way but I wasn't quick enough. It hit me square in the stomach knocking the wind out of me. I dropped to the feild black spots dancing in my vision. I could faintly hear the referee blowing his whistle and yelling. Then I fainted.

I woke up in the locker room on a stretcher. I winced as I tried to sit up.

'Whoa take it easy there a bruise to the stomach and you still want to sit up" The one and only Louis said next to me grabbing my arm. I yanked it away only progressing the pain in my stomach.

"What are you doing here." I spat at him.

"I wanted to make sure you were okay. Tyler got kicked off the team," He told me.

"Why would you care if I was okay" I muttered.

"Because I am your friend duh" He said and I almost laughed if it wasn't for the pain I probably would have.

"Friend?" I practically screamed.

"Well yes, you didn't think I was being serious all those times I made fun of you did you" He asked. "I only did that to get attention from you, I was hoping you wouldn't hate me so we could work as a team to make our teams better." He said and I stared at hims shocked.

"Er..So friends?" He asked holding out his hand. I shook it.

"Friends" I said.

phew okay here you are Caroline, I am still very sorry for these really late updates, I just ran out of Ideas, but I am backso I hoped ou enjoyed this imagine

Saz xx

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