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your pov

"Morning sweetheart" My dad said as I walked downstairs yawning.

"Morning daddy" I replied.

'Well I am off the boys will be coming over soon because I wont be back for a couple of hours I have some stuff to do for X-Factor" He said and I nodded. See my dad is Simon Cowell and I was used to this and when he said boys he meant One Direction.

"Okay bye see you later" I said and like that he was gone. I sighed and went to go change.

"Lanie you here" Liam called and I smiled yay they were here.

"I'm up here" I yelled as I threw off my shirt. I grabbed a new bra and slipped in on right as Liam walked in.

"Oh god sorry Lanie I didn't mean to" He apologized closing his eyes. I laughed and pulled a shirt on.

'you can look now" I said and he did and he smiled.

"Much better the lads are downstairs so shall we" He asked and I gigglled. I headed down and saw Louis chasing Harry around screaming. "let me lick your face" Harry was running for his life. Niall was of course eating and Zayn was watching TV dodging Louis and Harry.

"Hey Lanie" Zayn and Niall said at the same time. Harry stopped and Louis ran into him licking his face.

"Ha I win" Louis said standing up.

"Hey Lanie we should play truth or dare" Zayn said turning off theTV. I nodded and we sat in a circle.

"Go first Lanie" Liam said and I frowned. I thought for a bit.

"Harry truth or dare" I asked

"Dare I ain't no whimp" He said and we all laughed.

'Okay I dare you to...... call my dad and say in a girlish american voice that you love him"I said and he whimpered.

"okay" He said and brought out his phone.

"Simon Cowell how may I help you" He said

"Oh My Gosh Simon I like totally am in love with you you should so wear your low V-neck more often." Harry said and I had to contain my laughter.

"how did you get this number" My dad asked and Harry coughed.

"The Internet duh" he said and hung up.

"Okay that was seriously funny" I said and Harry glared at me.

"Lanie truth or dare" he smirked

"Truth cause I am a whimp" I said and we burst out laughing.

"Okay who is your crush" he said and I put pure horror on my face. I had always had a small thing for Liam but I couldn't say that.

"Ummmmmm LiLi maybe" I said quietly and I looked up. Liam's face went from happiness to pure excitement.

"I knew it" Louis said and high fived Niall

"Lanie umm mind if I have a word with you" Liam asked and I nodded.

"So what did" Liam's lips were suddenly on mine. I was pushed against the counter so I sat on top of it.

"What is going on here" my dad said and I pulled away and blushed.

"Oh hi dad" I said and Liam smiled.

"Simon um well this is not how I wanted it to go but Simon can I have permission to date your daughter?" he asked and my dad grinned

"I don't see why not" he said and I squealed and ran to him.

"Thank you I love you daddy" I said and the rest of the boys came in cheering.

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