Harry imagine (for a new story idea)

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"Hey Harry does this look okay" Leslie asked and I turned to look at her she was absolutely beautiful and it was for the wrong guy.

"Of course when doesn't something

Look good on you" I told her and she giggled and smiled.

"Shut up Harry just because you are Mr. Perfect doesn't mean everybody is" she smacked my arm playfully. DING DONG!!

"Oh I will get it might be Jason" Y/N said shuffling towards the door.

"No no let me" I said beating her to the door. I opened it revealing him.

"Oh what do you want why are you here" he asked and my blood boiling.

"I am Leslie's friend and its my flat" I told him and he spotted and smiled.

"Hey babe come on I got a surprise for you tonight" Jason said grabbing her waist and squeezing her bum a little. She squeaked and smiled.

Leslie's POV

I didn't like the way Jason was acting it wasn't like him.

"So what's the surprise" I asked.

"I got you and me a hotel room for the week" he said cheekily.

"Y.Oh but I don't have anything" I told him and he grinned,

"That's okay I bought you some stuff" he said. When we got to the hotel room he handed me a bunch of bags and went to sign us in.

"Y/N lets go" he yelled at me I hurried along. We got inside the hotel room an I plopped down. Jason started getting closer and closer. Pretty soon he was in top of me straddling me.

"Oh I am going to do you so good you won't be able to walk" Jason playing with my bra strap.

"J-J-Jason what I don't understand" I asked scared.

"Oh yes I guess I should explian but first put these on" he said handing me a bag and getting off of me. I went to the bathroom and brought out a lace bra and thong. I didn't want anything bad to happen to me so I put the stuff on in disgust and came back out". Jason was exactly where I had left him but he had just boxers on. He had just set my phone down when he saw me. Jason smiled and walked over.

"Now that you are properly dressed I can explian." He said before pressing his body up against mine and playing with my lace.

"Well first I don't love you you are just a dirty little slut that nobody cares about and I just want to see how good you are in bed" he said getting my bra off and sliding down the thong. That was about it before I saw Harry behind him his face contorted with rage. Harry poked Jason and when he turned Harry punched him in the face.

"Run Leslie" he shouted and I ran to the bathroom putting onto normal clothing. I heard fighting when suddenly it stopped and I didn't think Harry had won. I sobbed as I thought for the worst.

"Les you in here" Harry called out and I heard the door open.

Okay what did you guys think should I make a story of it or no just comment what you think.

Saz xx

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