Part 1)
Dedicated to MalenaHoran1Dforever

3rd person POV.
A.U. They aren't famous or anything.
Serious triggers. (Self-harm, verbal abuse etc.)
Very sad.
Read at your own risk.

Malena stared at the wall in front of her while Harry yelled at her. Again. He was yelling at her and cursing her, but she didn't flinch anymore, she didn't cry or beg for forgiveness anymore. She stood motionless and waited for him to finish. When he did, she ran to her room quickly to avoid any more of his wrath. The voices in her head all reminded her of why he was yelling. She broke their parents up. It was her fault Mom had left and it was her fault that Dad had become an alcoholic and didn't care about them anymore. It was her fault that Harry was forced to get a job to support the two of them. All she had to do was cook and clean, but if she didn't do it properly Harry would yell at her. Like tonight, she hadn't finished the dishes before he got home and after she finished, she was forced to stand and listen to him tell her how unfortunate it was to have a lazy sister, who would never amount to anything and no one, not even Harry, would ever love her. She sat on her bed twirling the small razor blade in between her fingers as she looked for a new, fresh piece of skin to open. Before she could, however, a soft knock came at her door and she hid the blade and her scarred arms.

"Come in," she said softly and a blond haired boy walked it without saying a word. He shut the door behind him. Niall. She smiled softly at him and he sat with her on her bed.

"Did he yell at you again?" He asked and you nodded. He took her dainty fingers in his and sighed heavily. "I'm sorry that this is happening to you, I wish I could take you away from him and we could be happy together." He said pulling her close. Her head rested on his chest and she fell asleep quickly.

When she woke up, she could hear yelling downstairs. She tip-toed downstairs to see what was going on. She could hear overlapping arguing.

"-you see what you're doing to her?" She heard Niall say.

"You're not here to see how lazy she is, she can't to a thing right, I asked her to do one thing and she didn't do it," Harry defended himself. She heard someone scoff.

"The poor girl is frightened of you Harry; I've known you guys since preschool and ever since your parents split up-"

Which was her fault, she thought to herself.

"- you haven't been the same. You've gotten to become a dominating control freak," Louis spat at him.

"She's the one who forced them to split, that was all her. If she had just behaved-" Malena stopped listening after that. She crept back upstairs and she sat on her bed. The voices started again.
'It was your fault' 'Harry's right, you're a terrible sister' 'How could you ruin his life'

It was becoming unbearable and exhausting. She wasn't sure how long she was going to last. She couldn't cry she had shed all her tears long ago. The only pleasure she got anymore, was through the tiny razor. It managed to get between her fingers again and before she could be interrupted again, she pulled it across her skin, like a bow on a violin. Except there was no sweet, angelic music, just silence. A knock came at the door and she didn't have time to hide anything. Niall, Liam, and Louis walked through the door and stopped dead in their tracks. Louis was the first to move. He slowly removed the blade from her hands and threw it in the trash. Liam went to the bathroom and grabbed paper towels to wipe away the mess she had created. Niall came up behind her and held her close to him, while Liam and Louis cleaned her arms. This had happened multiple times and they were used to it.

"Zayn's on his way. We're taking you away from him tonight, you'll be safe," Niall whispered in her ear. She nodded and curled herself up against Niall. Liam and Louis silently packed her bags. Later that night, after Harry had gone to bed, Zayn pulled up in the car. He helped her get her things into the trunk. Louis and Niall sat in the back with Malena, looking outside the car to look for Harry. No one said anything as Zayn drove away. It was silent the entire way to the airport.

"Okay. Here's your ticket and everything you need. I have a friend who's going to meet you when you get there. Okay? I love you. I'm sorry I can't go with you, but it will be okay and I will visit as soon as I can," Niall said softly and kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly. Louis, Liam, and Zayn took turns hugging her. After getting through security, Malena decided to look where she was going. America. She sighed as she waited for the plane to start boarding. After two years of having to suffer, she could be free in America, but how could she leave Harry alone? Before she could dwell long enough about it, an announcer called all passengers to America on her flight.

After the flight, Malena got her carry-on bags and followed the mass of people towards baggage claim. She grabbed her luggage and walked to a bench. She kept her head down and avoided eye contact, until she heard someone calling her name.

"Malena?! Are you Malena? Niall told me what you looked like. I'm Niall's friend. My name is Jane, I'm here to help," she looked up to see a smiling face. "Welcome to America Malena! I hope you like it here, this is going to be your home for a while," Jane held out her hand and Malena took it and her luggage and followed Jane to the exit to start her new life....To Be Continued

Hi! I hope you liked part one Malena! Part Two will come later this week!!!


Okay so if you managed to get through the whole chapter, I applaud you. I cried writing it. I don't like or enjoy writing things like that. I'm not a sad person.
If you or someone you know if dealing with abuse, psychical or verbal, self-harm or suicidal tendencies, find someone to help get you into a better situation and away from danger.
And know that you guys are important to me!!!

Sara xx

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