He confesses his love- Liam

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Liam's POV

I stared at her perfection and beauty. Her Y/H/C, her Y/E/C, well just her. I had always liked her by my best friend Y/N did not even have a clue and she always said I was her brother so it's not like she liked me back. I wanted to tell her before I left to try for X-Factor.

"Liam are you okay you zoned out," Y/N said and I looked over at her.

"I need to tell you something," I said and she frowned.

"What Liam"

"I like you a lot and I didn't want to tell you but I can't let you slip away because I am trying out for X-Factor this year" I blurted out and walked away before I could be embarrassed.

"I um Liam I am sorry, but I don't like you, I love you," Y/N said and I smiled and turned around I ran up and hugged her lifting Y/N off the ground a little.

"why didn't you ever tell me," I asked setting her down.

"Never brought it up I guess" Y/N said and we walked back to her house hand in hand.

"Oh Y/N I knew it yes hahaha", Mrs. Y/L/N said

"Oh Y/D?N come here and look at the happy couple"

"Mrs. Y/L/N and Mr. Y/L/N may I have permission to be your daughter, Y/N, boyfriend?" I asked looking at them

"Well I don't see why not," Y/D/N said and I thanked him. Y/N squealed and hugged me. I spun her around lifting her off the ground feeling as happy as I have ever been.

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