Part 3)
Dedicated to MalenaHoran1Dforever

3rd person POV.
A.U. They aren't famous or anything.
Serious triggers. (Self-harm, verbal abuse etc.)
Very sad.
Read at your own risk.

"Alright. Say hi to Niall for me, and call me when you're coming back." Jane hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek. "Well go on, don't be late for your flight," Jane nudged Malena towards security and Malena waved goodbye to Jane before heading back to security, back to England, back to Harry and Niall.

The plane ride was long, but it was smooth, which allowed Malena to sleep for the duration of the 6 hour flight. Thankfully the two seats next to her were empty, so she stretched across them and slept. A flight attendant woke her up in the last twenty minutes to prepare for landing. After the plane landed and it was safe to move around the plane, Malena grabbed her sweater and carry-on and quickly left the plane. She made her way to the terminal to take her to baggage claim. Stepping off the terminal, Malena searched for the baggage claim, but before she could find it, she was engulfed in a bone-crushing hug. The familiar scent of the blond boy made her hug back just as tightly. Niall pulled away from her and smiled at her.

"Malena, I missed you so much," he said taking her hands, but Malena pulled away from him and glared up at him.

"Don't tell me that, I don't care. I am here for my mother's funeral and then I am going back home. With Jane." Her words felt like a slap in the face to Niall, but he nodded and directed her to the baggage claim area.

"Harry doesn't know you've returned, so we are going there first and then I have arranged a hotel room for you," Niall explained and she nodded curtly. After they got her luggage, it was a silent ride back to her old home.

"Liam and Louis are inside. So is Harry, if you want to go ahead and go inside. Malena didn't say anything as she entered the house.

"About time Niall, I was getting worried that you-" Harry stopped talking as he noticed it wasn't Niall.

"Hello. Harry," she said stiffly and Harry stared at her.

"Malena? Is it really you?" He asked softly and Malena scowled at him.

"What don't recognize me now that I'm not cowering in fear of you?" She snapped and he stood bewildered. Liam and Louis came into the room, but stopped short when they saw the tension between the siblings.

"I...I'm sorry? Is that how you treat the brother who raised you. I think you need to remember your place," he said hotly. Malena took a step towards him and slapped him.

"You are not my brother. I don't care if we had the same mother, you cannot and will not pressure me into the small little girl I was when I left," she said coldly.

"Malena. I can't believe it," he said and rushed to hug her. That snapped her out of how she thought it was going to go. Harry pulled her into a tighter hug than Niall had. "Please don't ever scare me like that again, when you left I was terrified that I had lost you for good. Oh my gosh," Malena pushed him off her.

"No, you don't get to say that to me. You tortured me and drove me suicidal! Do you know how that felt. I was 10 when Dad left. I was 17 when Mom left us on our own. For two years I had to deal with you bullying me. Do you see these scars. This is two years of hell! That you put me through, so you don't get to say that you missed me," Malena let go of everything that she had been holding in the last three years. Tears spilled out as she sniffled and cried. Harry hadn't noticed it before, but the scars were there clear as day. Hundreds of lines littered her arms, like little white sticks. Liam pushed Harry back and hugged Malena tightly. He calmed her down and walked outside with her while Niall stood in the doorway.

"That was intense, but she's right. You put her through a lot in two years. I'm surprised she even came," He said and nodded to Louis who smiled grimly at him. Niall left with Malena and Liam to wherever while Harry stood in the living room trying to process what had happened. Louis, who hadn't done or said anything walked towards Harry and pat his shoulder.

"Sorry Harry, you're on your own for this one. I'm with Malena on this one," and with that Harry was alone in his house. A house he realized, he wouldn't be able to stay in anymore. It was tainted with evil. His evil.

Malena sat in the car with Liam, Louis and Niall. It was like she was leaving all over again. It was silent, except the music coming from the radio, but it was low. Niall, who sat in the back with her, tried to grab her hand, but she moved her hand away.

"So, how was America?" Liam asked trying to lighten the mood.

"It was good, I got to go to college and I have a roommate and we live in a nice house," she said simply and Liam smiled warmly.

"Well that's good, what are you studying at college," Louis asked looking in the rearview mirror.

"Well right now I'm doing my general education classes, but this is my last semester so next year I am going to start going for my P.h.D. for psychology and I want to become social worker for kids," she said the last part softly and Louis nodded solemnly. The rest of the ride was silent until they got to the hotel.

"Well if you need us, don't hesitate to call, and we will be here around 9:30 on Friday," Liam explained giving her one last hug. Louis smiled at her.

"It is good to see you again, oh Zayn said he will be over to give you some groceries so you can unpack," he explains and Malena nodded. Niall hugged her last and it was a very light hug.

"Is it okay if I come by tonight, I think we should talk?" He asked her. She hesitated, but reluctantly nodded. Niall grinned and waved her goodbye. Once Malena shut her door, she leaned against it and started crying. She shouldn't be here, and yet she was. She should be at home, in America, with Jane, snuggled in a blanket and watching a movie. Not in a hotel room crying because her old friends are trying to be nice to her. Not because her brother finally realized what pain he caused her. Not because her mother is gone. She sniffled and stood to unpack a bit. She called Jane to tell her everything that had happened and they talked until Zayn got there.

"Malena! It's so good to see you, we have all definitely missed you." He said hugging her tightly. "Oh, uh, I have groceries for up until Saturday, and Niall told me to give you this, in case you wanted to go shopping," He handed her a credit card.

"Thanks. I guess, just put the bags in the kitchen, I'll take care of them later. It's good to see you guys too," she said and gave him a forced smile. Once he left she took care of the groceries and started cooking for herself, when she remembered Niall had been coming over. She had decided to go with spaghetti, since it was easy and she could pair it with jus about anything.

As soon as she was done, a knock came at the door and she froze. Niall was here. She wiped her hands on her jeans and headed for the door before looking down at herself.

"Hang on a second!" She yelled and hurriedly changed into a simple dress. She brushed out her hair and put it in a high ponytail. She ran back to the door and opened it, only it wasn't Niall...

Okay. I know I said two parts, and I also know I said three parts, but gosh darn it, I keep writing too much. So know there's going to be a part four. I swear this going to be the last part!!!!


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