Your POV

You walked into your best friends flat sobbing.

"Y/N are you okay why are you crying come here" he asked and you walked to him with open arms. He held you tight as you sobbed.

"He he cheated and said I was am ugly and stupid and worthless and I didn't mean anything" you told him.

"Oh Y/N he's just a douche bag don't listen to him please stop crying" he told you

"But Louis what if he's right what if I am ugly well I have always known I am ugly and what if I am stupid and I am. Worthless" you asked Lou but more to yourself

"No no no I won't let you think like that you are more beautiful than I can express in words and you aren't stupid and you are worth more than gold" Louis told you and wiped away your tears. He kissed your forehead and sat on the couch with you in his lap.

He started singing moments and when he was done you got sleepy and yawned. He chuckled and rocked you back and forth.

"Sleep Y/N I will protect you because I love you" he said and you drifted to sleep

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