your pov

I walked into the movie theater and mentally groaned. One Direction was there. How I loathed them.

"excuse me are these seats taken" I asked one of them I think it was Louis or maybe Zayn.

"No not at all" the curly one said to me. I think that was Liam. I sat down spilling a little of my popcorn on them.

"Sorry" I said they smiled faintly. The movie Percy Jackson 2 soon started.

"Ohhh I can't wait to see Grover" I said and they looked over at me.

"Shhh" Harry said. Hmmm I didn't know he had black hair. Halfway through the movie I got a little bored and started talking about the Characters.

"Did you know that Percy in the book is 13 but in the movie he's like 17 and the actor, Logan Lerman is like 21" I said and Harry rolled his eyes.

"ohh Alexandria she is sooo pretty did you know she actually had brown hair in the first movie and Grover is white in the book and" I didn't finish because the boys got up and left. I looked over at their seats and noticed five wallets. SWEET I thought and scooped them up before anyone else got a chance to take them.

"These are so going to be on Ebay later" I muttered and continued watching the movie.

Okay Madeline here you go thanks for the idea it was so good

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