Louis Imagine for Collie

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your pov

"Babe you there" Danielle asked from the other end of the phone. I was currently reading an article about none other than LOUIS TOMLINSON. My boy friend of 2 years. It said he was cheating on me with his old girlfriend Eleanor it said they were happily still in love and I was a worthless piece of trash. Tears streamed down my face as I curled up.

"Dani can you um come over with Perrie and Ice cream hurry" I wailed into the phone and I heard shuffling and the line was dead. 'Great even my best friend abandoned me. 30 minutes later a knock came on my door. Please don't be Louis please don't be Louis. I pleaded but when I opened the door Dani and Perrie stood my the door with tubs of ice cream.

"Okay what happened" Perrie asked in a sort of sassy tone. Trust me the girls are almost as sassy as Louis and I.

"Well here look for yourself." I said grabbing a tub of chocolate ice cream. I watched as their faces turned from sympathy to pure rage with a little sympathy..

"Collie honey I am so sorry but" Dani was interrupted by the door opening and Louis walked in humming. He looked up and stopped immediately when he saw the scene in front of him.

"Collie are you alright" He asked trying to reach me but the girls got in front of me shielding me.

"Collie go to your room we need to have a talk with this good for nothing jerk face Louis Tomlinson" Perrie said and I grabbed a blanket and a tub and walked off. when I got upstairs and heard yelling so I sneaked a little ways down.

"You are an idiot why the hell would you want to break her heart do you not love her anymore" Perrie shouted.

"I do but"

"Then why were you with El and said specifically in an interview the Collie was a worthless piece of trash" Dani screamed.

"I never said that nor would I ever in my life say to her or about her they messed up my words they asked how I felt about her and I said it was like throwing away a worthless piece of trash and finding was a beauty nobody could compare to" He said and Dani awwed.

"You said I was beautiful did you mean it" I said peeking out from my hiding spot. He looked over at me and smiled.

"I mean every word and I was hanging out with El because I wanted to know what girls like for rings and so I was going to wait till our date but I think its appropriate now Collie I have loved you from the beginning and now more than ever. Will you marry me please" He asked getting a ring out and sitting on one knee. I smiled, sat on his lap and kissed him passionitly.

"Yes just yes" I said and Dani and Perrie backed up and out of the door while Louis and I kept kissing and lets just say Now a year later we are hapopily married with A 2 month baby girl.

Okay Collie I hoped you like it

Saz xx

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