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Niall Imagine for @nialler2468

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Your pov

I walked out of Nandos on my way to see the one and only Niall Horan, his best friend since like forever and secret admirer. He didn't know that's why it was secret. Anyway I was walking home when I felt like I was being followed so like an idiot I stopped and turned around. A cloth went over my mouth and I inhaled the chemicals and passed out. I woke up and realized it was dark.

"Hello" I whispered no answer. My phone vibrated in my pocket it was Niall calling

"Hello Sam where are you its been four hours are you okay" He asked worriedly but I didn't know how to respond

"Ni somebody kidnapped me and Im sitting in the dark" I told him and I could hear him muttering something.

"Okay Sam Paul is going to trace your phone call just stay on the phone" He told me but before I could respond a door opened and I sat there frozen in fear. He grabbed my cell phone and broke it in half.

"Who were you calling" It asked it was a man.

"No-nobody" I stuttered. He picked me up off of the ground so my feet were dangling in mid air. His hand was around my neck making it hard to breath. He pushed me against the wall.

"Now hold still or this will hurt alot" He said taking off his shirt and pants. I realized what he was doing and started sobbing.

"Arms up" He said but I shook my head.

"NO well I guess this is going to hurt" He said grabbing a knife and cutting across my stomach. I screamed out in pain. He cut my legs and arms. He finally left but I heard fighting upstairs and I finally gave out I saw a white light but Niall was in the middle of it running towards me.

"Sam Sam no no noooo please stay with me just till we get to the hospital" He said but it was to late I had blacked out. I could feel my heart rate slowing down.

I woke up to bright light. I looked to my left there were a bunch of tube things all hooked to me. I looked to my right and saw even more tubes and Niall sleeping but you could tell he had been crying.

"Niall" I said but it came out as a whisper. His head snapped up and looked at me his eyes fixating on mine.

"Sammie your okay I I thought I had lost you" He sobbed hugging me.

"Ow Niall let go" I said and he did.

"sorry well the nurse said you had a broken rib spinal damage and a lot of blood missing so in short had it been a few minutes later you would have um died" he said breaking down.

"Niall its okay I'm here now and I am fine" I said trying to calm him do. I stroked his hair humming and he finally stopped crying.

"Sam I didn't want to lose you because I was never brave enough to tell you I love you I always have" He said and I sat there shocked.

'Niall I" but I was cut off by him

"No its okay I understand you dont feel the same way" He told me

"No Nial I do I love you I just didn't know you loved me" I reasoned. He gave me a response by crashing his lips onto mine. I started kissing back when i heard a cough and I let go to find a nurse standing there stamping her foot impatiently. I giggled as Nialls face went red. The nurse did a few tests and troughout the whole time Niall held your hand.

Okay what did you think @nialler2468 I hoped you liked it

Okay guys so starting wendsay I will not be updating till next sunday because I am going to Washington D.C. I am sorry but I will try to get the next chapter up on my other book okay Bye


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