You woke up again with an empty bed. You and Harry had a really bad fight two nights ago and he left. You cried all night last night and the night before. You sighed and smelled something burning. You quickly raced downstairs to see Harry pulling a cake out of the oven. You started coughing because of the smoke and you had asthma. Harry rushed by your side. He grabbed you and took you outside. He walked back in and opened all the windows. Nothing thankfully got burned he just over cooked the cake. There was this cloud of smoke suddenly around you and you couldn't breathe or see. you started losing consciousness. Harry knelt beside you with a phone in his hand.

"It will be alright dont worry I am so sorry". You heard sirens and that was thatHe was so stupid he forgot about the cake while going to wake you up. He almost caused your death.

"Mr. Styles your friend is okay now can you tell me what happened" A doctor asked standing in front of him. He looked up with tears in his eyes.

"I tried to bake a cake and burned it and a huge plum of smoke almost killed her" He Of course blamed himself.

"I see well she is awake if you want to see her" The doctor said and Harry practically ran in to see you.

"Y/N I am so sorry this would have never happened if I adn't been so hard on you two nights ago" He said and You looked at him and smiled.

"Harry it wasn't just your fault it was mine also so dont blame yourself" You say and he sighs taking your hand.

"So you forgive me" He asked and you smiled genuinely

"I forgave you the second you walked out my door" You say and he gripped you in a hug.

Hey sorry its been a while I have been very busy lately

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