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Your POV

I waited and waited for Harry to come home. It was three a.m. Where the fuck was Harry. I had been crying when he finally stumbled through the doorway.

"Harry oh god you were scaring me" I shouted but he ignored and kept walking.

'Oh hheeeyyyyy Rebecccccccaaaaaaaaaa" He slurred and sat next to me. I could smell the alcohal coming off his breath so I coughed and smiled.

"Harry you need to go to bed because you are going to have a serious hangover in the morning"I told him trying to get him to stand up but he was being stubborn.

"No you are just a pathetic whore who only wants me for bed use only so hum de dum I am not listening to you cause you are a fat ugly stupid slut and you need to get out of my presence" He said pushing me out of his way. I stumbled back tears threatening to spill.

"Fine jerk i will just leave" I said grabbing a duffel bag filled it with my clothes and walked out of the door. I got into my and drove off. I sped off and the last thing I remembered was seeing a pair of headlights and that was that.

His POV.

"Harry wake up"Liam said and I groaned. I opened my eyes and saw Liam tears in his eyes. I sat up quickly and regretted it.

"here" Liam said handing me painkillers and some water took them and looked up at him

"Where's Rebecca"I asked and he dropped his gaze.

'What is it" I asked worried

"Harry last night you were drunk and you told Rebecca some hurtful things and she was driving and she got hit and shes in the hospital." He told me and I leaped out of bed rushing out of the room with Liam trailing behind me. We got into Liam's car and drove to the hospital. Liam showed me to Rebeccas room where she lay motionless. Her hair was caked with blood and she looked terribly pale.

"Nooooo this is all my fault. I am so sorry Rebecca please just wake up I love you sooo much." I said but she didn't.

Your pov.

I saw a murkiness and it kept getting lighter. I opened up my eyes and looked around. I saw someone next to me it was a guy and he immediately smiled and took my hand.

"Rebecca oh my gosh I'm so sorry" He sobbed I looked at him confused.

"Um I I don't know you" I said taking my hand away. I looked at him closer and realized who he was,

"Oh my god your HARRY STYLES I am your like number one fan can I have your autograph" I said but he just looked at me in disbelief.

"LIAMMMMM" He shouted and THE Liam Payne walked in.

"She's awake."

"OH my gosh I am seriously freaking out are the rest of the bandhere can I get your autographs" I said and Liam put the same face on that Harry had on.

"What happened I think I will get a doctor" Liam said and a few minutes later he came back and the doctor came in and put a needle in me.

I woke up again and saw Harry next to me except this time I knew who he was

"Haz" I croaked and he looked up and hestaintly took my hand which I squeezed. He took that oppurtunity to give me a huge hug

"Becca I I love you and I am so soory I as stupid please dont ever scare me like this Please" He begged crying again. I nodded and he kissed me.

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