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Zayn imagine for @VintageCupcakes

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Your POV

"Zayn please" you whined and he smirked. It was 9:30 P.M. and you were preparing for your date tomorrow with your boyfriend Alex.
"Why do you want me to do this again" he asked still smirking.
"Because you are the most amazing best friend in the whole wide word. And you love me" you said and his smirk faded a little
"Yea okay fine okay here is what you do. You lean in and keep your eyes on his okay and then you get so close where your lips are practically touching and then." He didn't finish because he pressed his lips against yours. His tongue grazed your lips. You granted him entrance.
"Ramesa what the fucking hell are you doing" Your boyfriend screamed. You immediately pushed Zayn off of you.
"Alex I this isn't what it looks like he was just helping me" you said scared of what he was going to do whenever he got mad he would hit you.
"With what were you choking" he asked inching closer to you. You stood up moving farther away from him. Zayn pulled you back down and safely behind him.
"No she wanted to impress you so she asked me to teach her how to kiss some one so she wouldn't be embarrassed" Zayn said. Alex moved closer to you and Zayn. Zayn being defensive and all stood up and punched Alex.

"Zayn what's wrong with you" You screamed and walked towards Alex who brought up his hand and punched you. You fell to the floor dazed and in pain. You tasted a metallic taste and realized it was your blood. You started crying as Alex fled. Zayn tried to help you up but you pushed him away. You ran to your room.

"I hate you so stupid asshole fag Zayn Fucking Malik" You screamed and walked towards the bathroom. You grabbed the first aid kit and cleaned yourself up.

"Y-You hate me" Zayn said and you saw his expression in the mirror, he was crying. "Don't you see it I guess you don't but I will tell you anyway I freaking love Ramesa I always have I tried to protect you I could tell he was beating you because you don't wear leggings or sweaters in the summer" Zayn said and you broke down. He came and hugged you but he was hesitant, after realizing you wouldn't hurt him he squeezed you into a tight hug.

"Ramesa it will be alright I promise you I wont let anyone hurt you especially myself because I love you to much" He said setting you down on your bed. He went to leave but you pulled him back.

'Stay with me please I don't want to be alone" you croaked holding his hand. He nodded and slid onto the bed and next to you. He wrapped his arm around your waist protectively and both of you fell asleep like that. Lets just say when your sister came in with your parents they weren't happy.

I hoped you like it @VintageCupcakes :)

Saz xx

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