So I got tagged my majestymalik
Thanks a lot.

So here goes.

What was the last thing I searched for on the Internet.

Beacon Rock. I am on vacation and that was one of the stops for the day.

Am I a sweet tooth or a savory type.

Sweet tooth. Definitely!

What's my Crush's real name.

Not sure if that means like my actual crush or like a celebrity crush so I'm going to put both.
Real - I don't have one.
Celebrity - Chris Evans. Oh he is so fine!

What's my Favorite food.

Probably my homemade Macaroni and cheese.

What's my hair color.

Sort of like a milk chocolate color.

What's my Race.

I'm white. I have German, Scottish, Italian, and American Indian.

What's my first name.

Sara. It's kinda My username.

Anyway. I don't really plan on tagging anyone, but there you go. A little about me!

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