He confesses his love-Niall

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Niall's pov

What am I going to do I just completely ruined everything?

"Ni Ni Niall wh what-what was that" Y/N asked and I looked at her. Okay let me back up Y/N was planning on going on a date but me being stupid I threw a vase at her and she thankfully missed it. She was in tears and backed in a far corner. Did I mention I loved her but we were only friends?

"Y/N I I don't know what came over me please I just I come here," I said and she hesitantly stood and walked over to me. I raised my hands and she flinched.

"I'm not going to hurt you just calm down" I cooed and she put her hands down so I can wipe her tears away.

"Why do not want me to go, Niall," she asked and I couldn't form words suddenly so I grabbed a notebook and scribbled it down handing it to her.

"Oh Niall why didn't you say anything, Niall, you know I think it's not too late to cancel," Y/N said and I pulled her into a hug,

"Y/N I love you so much," I said and kissed her which she immediately did back making it perfect.

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