Your POV

"You ready to go" My mom asked for what seemend the thousandth time.

"Yes mom I am Dont worry. Harry and I are happy together." I reasurred her. The door opened behind us and I saw Zayn standing there with Niall.

"I will leave you guys alone" My mother said and exited.

"Hey Zayn and Niall How Do I look" I asked and twirled.

"Stunning as you always did and still look" Niall always new what to say. I saw Zayn rub his hands together and bite his Lip.

"Zaynie you alright"I asked and he shook his head.

"Go on tell her she needs to know" Niall said and nudged Zayn forward. I stood waiting for him to respond.

"Katie um so for a while I have liked no loved you and I had to let it out before you got married I know it was wrong but you looked so happy with Harry I didnt want to conflict." He said and I looked at him then sighed.
I walked up to him and punched him in the arm.

"You are a total weirdo Zayn you could have told me ealier but um turn around why dont you" I said and he did there stood Harry laughing his face off.

"I cannot believe it took you that long its been like what a year now gosh mate I knew this already" Harry said and zayn stood there in disbelif. 

"How" He asked and harry pointed to a rather red Niall.

"Niall you had better run" Zayn said and Niall bolted. Harry looked at me with a smile where as I gave him the evil eye.

"What what did do hmm" He asked.

"You know its bad luck to see a girl in her dress before shes steps onto the alter" I said and he pulled me closer to him.

"Oh I dont know will this be accepted as an apology" Harry said and kissed me. He leaned me down onto the table.

'HARRY STYLES" His mom shouted and we broke apart.

"Yes mum" He said sheepishly.

"You couldnt wait till after the wedding could you" She asked and left laughing.

"That was funny" I said and harry pouted.

Okay Katie I am soooooo sorry for the very long wait I have had way to much homework and I forgot about this and I remebered it so here you go again sorry for the long wait

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