Your POV

"I'm so sorry but I don't think I can do this anymore" my now ex boyfriend Mike said.

"What please we can work this out" I said and he shook his head. Tears started forming in my eyes as I left his flat. I sniffled and it started pouring. I cried more and sat down on the curb. A car pulled up and Zayn my best friend walked out.

"Y/N what are you doing you could catch a cold come on let me take you to my place." He shouted holding out his hand. I took it and got into his car. I didn't say anything I just cried.

"Y/N why do you keep crying was it your boyfriend what did he do I will kill him" he said gripping the wheel tighter.

"Ex boyfriend" I choked out.

"WHAT" He screamed scaring me When we arrived I sat on the couch while he got clothes for me.

"Here" he said still mad. I took my phone out of pocket and walked to the bathroom. I pulled off my shirt and went to put his shirt on but he opened the door. I went wide eyed and he shrugged. I glared at him

"Y/N we are best friends really" he said and I finished putting on his shirt.

"Your phone buzzed it was HIM" he said and I nodded. I slipped off my pants and put on the sweat pants. I was very cautious of Zayn watching me. When I finished changing we walked down and I checked my phone. It was Mike telling me to get some stuff tomorrow. I started crying once more. Zayn pulled me close to him then he pushed me away for a second. He pulled off his shirt and pulled me into a hug, and kissing my forehead.

"Love he isn't worth crying for especially if he gets rid of somebody as beautiful, and smart, and amazing girl as you" he said and I sniffled.

"I'm not any of those things if I was one of those things I would have a better life but no guy wants me so what's the point of living if I'm this stupid ugly piece of nothing" I said and he sat me up

"Y/N who keeps putting these thoughts in your head because I will kill them because you deserve to live because a guy does want you and it's me okay you are beautiful and smart and you aren't a piece of nothing okay so don't ever listen to whoever is telling you these things." He said and I was pulled. into a hug. I hugged him back.

"You want me but I thought" I said but was interrupted.

"Yes so will you be my girlfriend" he said and I nodded. He kissed my nose and I giggled and rested my head in his lap and fell asleep.

This is for my friend Ramesa because she doesn't think she is beautiful or smart or amazing and she is and I am proud of her for breaking up with her jerk of a boyfriend

Saz xx

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