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Your POV

"LLLLeeeyyyyuuummmmm I wanna go shopping" You say into the phone and Liam groaned.

"I don't think I can go" He said and you sighed.

"Alright bye love you" you said and hung up. You left your house and went shopping when you got back you decided to give Liam a visit. However when you came over to his house you heard a voice a girls voice.

"Are you sure she isn't coming" it asked.

"I'm positive now lets do this" Liam's voice said closer and you dashed towards the bushes just it time to see Liam and a blonde girl walk out and get into his car driving away. Your knees buckled and you fell to the ground sobbing.

"Why he said he said he loved me" You whisper to yourself. your eyelids got heavy and you fell asleep right there in the bushes.

"Y/N, Y/N wake up" Liams voice rang in your ears. You opened your eyes to Liam who was staring at you a look of confusion worry running across his face.

"Wha- wait where am I" you asked and he chuckled.

My living room question is what exactly were you doing outside my house in the pouring rain you could've caught a cold and I don't want my baby to get sick before our date" Liam told you and then it hit you like a freight train.

"You dont care about me" You mumbled getting very angry and sitting up.

"What are talking about of course I care about you you are my Jessie and I am your Woody" Liam told you but you shook your head.

'Then why did I see you leaving with a blonde when you said you couldn't come shopping with me" You yelled at him and he looked taken aback.

"You were stalking me god Y/N you are such a bitch and stupid she was helping me pick out a ring to give to you on our date" He shouted back making you cry.

'Oh baby I am sorry I didn't mean to say those things I got mad I didn't want you to see this till later but I want to do it now" He said and brought out a velvet box getting on one knee he said

"Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N I have loved these past three years with you so I was wondering if you would marry me?" You started crying but it was of pure happiness. You nodded and kissed him. He slipped the ring on your finger crying himself.

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