Zayn- "hey Y/N I don't think I can make the movie date the boys and I have some recording stuff sorry" He said and you sighed.

"Alright" you said and hung up. You decided to call Dani to see what she was doing.

"Hey babe what's up" she said and you smiled.

"Just wanted to see what you were doing tonight" I said and she paused.

"It's Friday it's Liam's and my movie night and aren't you supposed to be getting ready for your movie date with Zayn" she asked.

"He told me that the boys were recording tonight that's why ohhhh no what if he's cheating on me" I said and told Dani I had to go. I drove to Zayn's and sure enough when I walked through the front door he was having a movie date with some blonde plastic girl.

"JERK" I screamed and walked out. I drove to Dani's and Liam's flat.

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