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Your POV

"LLLLEEEEEYYYYYUUUUMMMM" You whined as he dragged you off your butt and pushed you into the car.

"Yes Love" He said making you blush.

"Where are you taking me" You ask curiously turning you head to face him. He laughed and shook his head.

"Can't tell you its a surprise" He said and you pouted. You crossed your arms over your chest and sat back in your seat. You decided to take a nap since he said it would be a few hours before you got to the surprise place. It seemed like only seconds before he was shaking you awake.

"Hayley we are here" He said softly in your ear causing shivers in your spine. You sat up and stretched. You heard the sound of whooshing noises and kids screaming you looked around.

"An amusement park oh thank you thank you I love you LiLi" you said grasping him in a hug. You kissed his cheek and he took your hand and intertwined your fingers together. You walked around enjoying each others company before he suddenly stopped. 
"Hayley we have to go on that" He said and you looked up to see a huge roller coaster. You got nauseous and blinked a few times. You stumbled and Liam caught you.

"Are you okay maybe you better sit down I will grab  some water" he said sitting you down on a bench under a tree. When he returned you thanked him and took a huge gulp from your water bottle.

"are you sure you're okay" He asked and you nodded.

"yea just a little parched I think" You lied. You had a really really big fear of heights and roller coasters made them worse. However you couldn't say no to his puppy dog eyes so both of you got in line. When you were about to get on. You felt sick to your stomach.

"Liam I I don't" you said but before you could finish you passed out.

You woke up in a white room.

"Hayley you okay you had quite the bump" Liam said next to you and you almost jumped outta your skin.

"No I am not okay I have a fear of heights and roller coasters make it worse but I can't say no to you so I thought I would be a big girl and go on one but I am to scared I am a chicken and a whimp and a coward" You were cut off by Liam kissing you.

"Yup thats one way to shut me up" You said blushing.

"Hayley you could've told me I would have understood next time just tell me alright" He said and you nodded.

Okay I hope you like it Haley :)

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