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The amusement park was probably your favorite place to be. The flashing lights, the smell of fresh churros and popcorn, and the thrill of roller coasters made you feel in absolute bliss. Of course, having Louis be there made everything all the better.

"Come on Louis, the line's short!" You whined, but Louis stayed firm.

"I will not go on that ride. No way. Absolutely not."

"But why? I don't want to go alone! That will make me look pitiful!"

"Y/N! That's the Tunnel of Love. Everyone who goes on that is pitiful," he argued and you started pouting.

"Oh no. Don't give me that look. It's not going to work," Louis tried to stay unmoving, but the pouting face always cracked him and eventually, he sighed.

"Once. I will go on once." You pumped your fist in the air in triumph and started dragging him to the line which was filled with couples and different groups. In front of you were a group of girls who started giggling and smiling at Louis. He didn't seem to be paying attention to them, but that didn't stop them from pushing you aside to talk to him.

"Hi. What's your name?" One of them asked and Louis turned to face them, surprised.

"Oh, um. My name?" They nodded. "Louis?"

"You're not sure?" Another asked and he shook his head.

"No. I mean yes I'm sure my name is Louis, but I'm kind of with my friend and-"

"I don't see anyone. You wanna ride with us?" The first girl asked and before you could say anything and before Louis could do anything, they told the lady four and they were directed to the boat.

"Sorry Ma'am, you're going to have to wait for the next boat." The lady told you and you just nodded. Louis looked back at you and looked a little alarmed.

"Well that was rude," a voice said behind you. You turned to see a guy with thick glasses that screamed 'I'm a nerd.'

"What?" You asked.

"Sorry I kind of heard everything. It was rude of them to just take your friend like that," He said and you frowned.

"Is this just some way to get me to go on the ride with you?" You asked cautiously and he pursed his lips.

"No, not necessarily. I'm actually waiting in line for my girlfriend. She had to use the restroom and goodness knows what will happen if we don't go on this ride," He laughed slightly and you broke into a smile.

"You sound like Louis, he's the guy who just left with those girls. He was complaining to me about how he didn't want to go on this ride," you explained, but before he could reply, the lady told you that you could board the boat. The guy was boarded next and a small petite girl sat next to him.

"By the way, my name's Josh and this is my girlfriend Lanie," He said and the petite girl waved at you.

"Oh, hi. I'm Y/N" You said quietly. You looked away from them as the boat shuddered forward into the dark tunnel.

'Great, I'm stuck on a boat with a couple, go figure.' You thought. Throughout the entire ride, Josh and Melanie were whispering to each other and giving you sympathetic looks. As the ride went on, you thought about how it pitiful it would be to get off the ride with no one to laugh about how corny it was. Hopefully, Louis would be waiting right outside the exit and you could find those girls and give them a piece of your mind.

"As the boat comes to a complete stop, please stay seated until an attendant gives you further instructions." An automated voice blared and you jumped. When you got off the ride, Melanie hugged you.

"Oh, sweetheart. I can't believe your boyfriend would ever leave you for some girls. Listen if you want, you can hang out with us until you find him," She offered and hugged me again.

"Oh. He's not...I mean we aren't...we're just friends," You explained and Melanie gave Josh a look.

"Trust me, sweetie, you like him. A lot. If you didn't you wouldn't be so bummed about not going on this ride."

"Y/N? Y/N! I am so sorry. I don't even know what happened. One minute I was talking to you and then the next I was being whisked away by three girls," Louis looked out of breath and disheveled.

"So what? Now that you're done making out with them you come and find me?" You asked accusingly.

"What? No. No. Y/N, I have been trying to find you. You weren't in line, so I waited for you, but the girls were trying to get me to go on another ride and I ran for it.

"Oh sure. Maybe you should go with those girls, besides I have-" Before you could finish your sentence, Louis pulled you close and into a kiss. When he pulled away from you, you were bright red and blushing madly.

"I have liked since day one of meeting you. I don't care about anyone but you." He said and you felt embarrassed.

"That. Was. Adorable." Melanie squealed and hugged you once more.

"If you guys still want to hang out with us, the offer still stands," Josh interrupted his girlfriend's happy moment.

I looked up at Louis and smiled. "Definitely" 

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