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Requested by psilovesyou_33

Your POV

"Maybe we should break up!" Harry shouted and you froze. You clenched your fists and narrowed your eyes.

"Well then, maybe we should," You huffed and walked back towards his room. The good news, you weren't living with him, you usually stayed over on the weekends. You grabbed your school backpack and your jacket quickly, there were still other clothes but you could always get them later.

"Come on Gabriella, don't leave," Harry said walking into the room. You turned and glared at him.

"Well why shouldn't I, obviously I am not wanted here, so there is no point in me staying. Goodbye Harry, have a nice frat boy life," You probably shouldn't have said that, just like you probably shouldn't have even left, but you did and now you were home, crying. Your mom walked in and sat down next to you.

"Want a brownie?" She asked and you looked up, "with some hot chocolate?" you nodded and she handed you the brownie and a cup.

"So what happened, did you fail a test, fail a class?" You shook you head.

"He broke up with me," You muttered sadly and your mom stared at you.

"He did what?!" Your mother almost dropped her brownies. "Do you want me and your father to go and have a talk with him?" She asked in a very serious tone.

"What? No! Dad would probably gut him and who knows what you would do," You said "I plan to completely forget him,"

That was easier said than done considering you both went to the same school and had three classes together. Every time you past each other your friends would glare at him and his friends would glare at you. Nobody would talk, they would just glare. It was then you realized prom was next Friday and seeing as how you and Harry broke up, you had no one to go with.

"Well why don't you go with one of your other friends?" Your dad asked and you stared at him incredulously.

"That is not how prom works dad, I ran for prom queen, I can't just not have a date, and what if Harry wins king, we will have to dance together and do you know how awkward that would be?" You shook your head. "Maybe I just won't go," You muttered.

Your friends had different ideas, they took you dress shopping and shoe shopping. And then the day of you all went to get your hair done and nails manicured. You wore a simple, but elegant, long blue dress with black lace over the skirt, you weren't one for heels so you stuck to a pair of black flats. Once you got there your friends all left to dance with their dates while you sat in the corner, on your phone. Suddenly the music stopped.

"Alright, kids now it's time to announce King and Queen. Your prom King is... Harry Styles!" Your head shot up. You weren't surprised that he won, but it was weird not being up there and cheering for him. You stood up and started walking towards the exit. "And your Prom Queen is Gabriella!" You froze, turned and stared a the stage. You walked towards the stage and your principal placed you next to Harry.

"I give you your prom King and Queen! Now everyone make a circle, it's time for the dance!" Harry took your hand and lead you to the circle. You forced a smile but you didn't want to be anywhere near him.

"Um hi," He said quietly, pulling you close as the soft and slow music started.

"Hi," You replied through gritted teeth. He spun you around and your crown fell a bit, but he quickly fixed it. You tried to enjoy yourself, you could see your friends smiling at you and giving you thumbs up, but you couldn't be with him, you loved him, but you two were broken up.

"I'm sorry, I can't-" You let go of him and ran towards the exit. You could hear Harry run after you.

"Wait!" You stopped and stared at him.

"What! What do you want-" You were cut off by him kissing you. You had missed him so much that you couldn't help but kiss him back.

"That is what I wanted," He said when you pulled away. You smiled sheepishly and together you walked back, hand in hand.

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