Him & I

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RRRRRRIIINNNGG!!! Ugh I hate that stupid thing! I threw my hand on top of the alarm on the bedside table. I instantly became quiet and the silence was wonderful I was starting to fall into its grasp and falling asleep when something hit me on the head. "OW! What the fuck was the for?!" I asked incredulously. "Wake the fuck up you need to go to your house and change! Remember first day of school!" Alex said rather rudely. So to get her back I went down stairs and filled up a big cup of freezing cold water. I walked silently upstairs and opened her door quietly as to not make it creak or shed wake up. I walked to her bed and counted silently to myself. 1... 2... 3!!!! I dumped the water on top of her and she instantly jumped up and started yelling. "WHAT THE HELL!!!" she yelled as she stood up and got out her bed. I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee in my pants! It was just TO funny. Her face was priceless! "You are SO going to die Scar!!!" she yelled at me. I was to fast for her though because I sprinted to the bathroom and locked the door. "I love you!" I yelled at her to try to calm down but it was pretty hard to understand what I was saying since I was still laughing. "Yeah...yeah..." she mumbled as she went to another bathroom in her house. I waited until I was sure she was gone and went to go get some of my lingerie I had left just in case in her house. I match my lingerie because I like looking sexy. Even though it's just for me. So I went and picked a simple black bra and matching thong. I walked to the bathroom and took a shower.


I walked up to my apartments and looked for my key in my pocket. When I found it I opened the door. I could only hear the small t.v. we had in my fathers room and I was NOT about to find out if he was in there. So I ran as quietly and quickly as I could to my room. When I opened the door to my room I stopped dead. In my room, was my father and he was going through my drawers. I started to back away and try to leave but he had already heard me. "Why don't you ever wear this for me??!" he slurred at me. He was high. " Dad, I just really need to go get some clothes on and go to school." I said nervously. "Oh no you don't!" He suddenly said angry. "Please." I whispered. "No! You left me yesterday you didn't let me touch you I guess ill just have to do it now." He said with an evil glint in his eyes. Now I hated when this happened. So I did what I always do, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. We're about to find out if it'll work today.

I ran and pushed him onto my bed. He fell and I saw his face become pissed. I ran and got some random jeans and a shirt and my bag from my drawers and I ran for it. I could hear him trying to catch up to me but he was still to high to run normal and I heard him yell "You'll pay you lil' Bitch!" Then I slammed the door and got into Alex's mom spare car.

I was speeding to Alex's house. I got there in record time. I parked the car and ran into the house. Alex was sitting on a high stool eating a pop tart. The moment she saw me she stopped eating her pop tart. "I'm fine, I promise." I told her as I ran upstairs to change before we were to late. I didn't even know what I had gotten luckily what I chose matched and was clean I would just use some of Alex's jewelry and make. No big deal. [http://www.polyvore.com/scarletts_1st_day_school_outfit/set?id=14261053]

I walked downstairs ready for my first day of school. Alex was waiting at the door. "Which car we going in?" I asked. "Mine." She said. "Cool." I replied. We walked outside into the cold and smacked my hand to my forehead. "Um... Scar you okay?" Alex asked me confused. I just laughed. "I forgot to bring my jacket, oh well." I explained. "Oh." She said simply as she opened the car and we got in.

The ride to school was silent but it was comfortable. We pulled up to Penn High School and Alex parked in an open parking spot next to the front doors. We got out of the car and started walking towards the front doors. "Are we late?" I asked. "No were just early." Alex said before we started laughing. "How late are we?" I asked while we walked quickly to the doors. "Oh, just about and hour late." We started laughing. That's when I bumped into someone.

"Oh sorry, I didn't see you I'm -"he said before I interrupted him. "ANDREI?!" "What are YOU doing here?" I yelled in total shock.

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