Him & I

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He smiled down at me. "I know where, but it's a surprise." he told me mischievously. "Please, can you tell me." I asked him, giving him a puppy dog face. "Come on! Don't do that to me! Look away Look away!" He said to him self. I started to crack up and doubled over in laughter. He smiled probably happy that i had stopped with the puppy face. I finished laughing and stood up. He was still looking at me. I had been looking at his full, luscious lips for a while now and got a flashback of when we had kiss. I was instantly warmed up and could feel me getting excited.


We walked hand in hand to a really gorgeous house about a mile away. We hadn't talked in a while but it was a comfy silence. When we turned i gawked at the house. It was enormous. It was like a mini mansion. It was white and was a victorian style. It was simply breathtaking. [ http://www.napavalleyregister.com/content/articles/2008/05/17/business/doc482e7ff821292123101945.jpg ] (a/n: bahaha look at those random people in the picture :] okay back to business lol) I turned to Andrei and asked, "Why are we walking up to some random person's house? I mean i dont have a problem with it, i guess but wont they?"

Andrei laughed in response. "Chill, love it's my house." he said. I stopped dead in my tracks. "What the hell?!" i whispered trying to scream at him. He put his hands up as to defend himself. "Um, can you PLEASE explain to me because right now i am TOTALLY confused!" i exclaimed. He rolled his eyes at me. I stuck my tongue out at him in response. "God! Im SUCH an idiot!" I told myself, while slapping my forehead. "A sexy idiot none the less." Andrei whispered in my ear, holding me to him. "So why are you an idiot?" He asked me while he was moving his hands up and down my back.

I lost my train of thought. "Damn it!" i mumbled. He could make me forget anything while he was touching it. He looked at me with an amused glint in his eyes. "What?" he asked me innocently. "Humph, lost my train of thought, thanks to someone." I scoffed. "I wonder who?" He asked, trying to hold in his laughter. then i got it, i had to think WAY back to when we first met. His car! Duh, that thing was worth a TON of mula, then i looked at him, his clothes were casual but if you looked slightly closer they hinted to being expensive. Now the house. "Your rich." I blurted out my revelation.

I looked at his eyes and they had narrowed at me. "What's wrong?" i asked concerned. "Nothing." he grumbled. What the hell did i say? We had started to walk again. We walked up to the porch and he searched in his pocket for the key. I stood silently thinking for reasons he was mad at me. All i knew was that- "Come in."He said. His voice didn't show any anger. It didnt show anything. "kay." i said to him quietly as i walked into the house. It was dark inside because the only lights that were on were from the porch. I stopped at the doorway, nervous because Andrei wasn't acting right.


^^ hey you guys! i am EXTREMELY sorry that its INSANELY short! i really am :'[ its just that i was writing and now i have to go but dont worry :} if i get a lot of votes ill update no later than tonight :] promise. -jess <3

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